Jamie’s Mexican tomato soup

I didn’t have much hope for this recipe. Tomato soups turn out too acidic for me and that’s why I am very reluctant when I try a new recipe.


However, Jamie’s tomato soup was the best one I’ve ever made. I think the biggest different was that I used sweet red paprika. It took down the acidity. The second big difference was coriander and green onions. If you want a delicious soup, of whatever kind, add vegetables. That’s the way.


This soup was accompanied by tortilla chips (I make my own out of whole wheat tortillas) with lots of cheddar cheese and red chilis.


To make the soup prettier, I sliced some tomato, added feta cheese, coriander leaves and the only avocado I had on hand.


For the sauce, I used mint, jalapeno chilis (oh how hot!!) and yogurt. This sauce was surprisingly refreshing.


The whole dish was too addictive and these tortilla chips were pure heaven. I ate way more than I should. Will I make it again? Sure, it’s a very healthy recipe, especially if you skip the tortilla chips, but why would you do that?