Blogging series: My writing routine

Today, we’ll talk about the process that goes on to make a post out of an idea. Here are the most important steps that happen behind each of Another House Blog’s 667 posts.


Get an idea.

When it comes to writing a post it all starts with the idea, what to write about. I have a running list of ideas and a blog plan with what should be posted when. Sometimes I go according to my plan, sometimes I wing it. Later on, I’ll let you know about my top 10 writing prompts to get you through writer’s block.

Edit the photos.

Once I have the idea. I start with the photos. I edit everything on Photoshop, decide on what photos will be used and upload them on a new post. I save these photos on a specific folder and delete the rest that won’t be used. I don’t want to keep everything, so I’m very strict with my edits. Next week I’ll talk more about that.

Write the text.

When all photos are there, it’s time to write something. Most of the time I keep it short and concise. Some other times, less often, I write longer texts. I keep all of my drafts in WordPress. I usually try to sit down and write a post from start to finish and very rarely leave it half-written. If there’s a story to be told, then I have to finish it, or I know it’ll never get posted. So there may be time between each of the steps mentioned here, maybe even weeks between them, but the writing part has to be finished in one go.

Decide on a title.

Tha last part of the process is to find a nice title. I’m not always the smartest about it. There are definitely more SEO friendly and click-bait friendly titles, but I don’t necessary like them. There’s always a compromise.

From start to finish, each post takes an average of 1,5 hour of dedicated work, which is a crazy amount. It looks easy and effortless, but it’s very time-consuming. I’m very curious to know, how is your writing process?

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