10 things that made me happy: 04│2016

April is over and I am so ready for May and warm weather. I have my summer clothes out, I’ve cleaned and organised the house and I’ve made plans. Yesterday we celebrated orthodox Easter in Trondheim by grilling lots of meat and eating way too much food as always . All in all, I felt like April was just a preparation for May, that is going to be a crazy busy month. How was your April? Here are my happy things.


– Cook a recipe from Jamie’s cookbook every day for a week. (7 på 7!)

– Do a full handstand in Yoga in front of the whole class

– Sunny mornings when I walk to work and the smell of custard from the cafeteria when I arrive

This song.

– MAC lipstick in Dozen Carnations

– Test a new (borrowed) lens for my camera (a Canon EF 28-105mm f/3.5-4.5)

– Slather body butter before going to bed

– Peel and deseed pomegranates

– Late night cake baking

These wireless headphones (borrowed again) in gold

See you soon!

ps. The view from my window as I write this post.