Blogging series: My experience with self-hosting


It’s been 3 years since I move my blog from to a self-hosting server and my experience hasn’t been all that smooth. I thought it would be interesting to share with you how it worked out for me.

The provider

I use Hostgator as my web hosting provider. Their panel is user-friendly, they respond immediately to any requests and they’ve been very helpful. At the beginning, I bought the Baby Plan, but eventually I downgraded to the cheaper Hatchling Plan, which is the one I suggest you buy if you want to go for self-hosting.


At the beginning I paid for a ton of add-ons regarding security, from collaborating companies, which I wasn’t very happy with. I finally removed all of them, when a lady called me and said my site was being attacked and they could help me with cleaning it up for 200$. I politely declined. She contacted me again the next day, saying they would drop me as a client. Then I clean the site on my own and told her that. She said she still had to drop me as a client. I didn’t pay for that service again and I was a very unhappy customer, since there actually wasn’t any problem on my site, at least after I cleaned up my WordPress installation.

The moving

Usually, this is an easy step, but you should be aware that things may go south. They did for me. Even though I did what I was supposed to do, I lost all my followers and after few very upsetting mails I realised I was never going to find these lost followers ever again. Sigh!

Blog design

When you self-host, you have absolute freedom on the design of your blog. I went crazy designing and redesigning my blog, coding and changing colours and in the end, I really love how my blog looks like. So happy about that.


Self-hosting comes with an additional responsibility in making regular back-ups and securing your site. However, this is whole other, very interesting topic on its own.

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  1. Moving to self-hosting is definitely an experience! I was worried I might mess up the transfer so I had someone else handle it for me. Best money spent!

    • I would do the same if I did it all again. It’s so stressful.

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