Blogging series: My favorite Photoshop actions and tools


Through the years I’ve had different routines for editing my photos. I’ve always used Photoshop, but the filters I have changed with time. My latest editing routine goes as followed.

Here’s my original photo.


These are my usual editing steps in Photoshop:

  1. Open the photo in Photoshop. If there’s a stain or a line or something I want to remove, I make a copy of the background layer and use the Spot Healing Brush Tool to remove it. In my example, there’s some juice from the kiwi on the plate.
  2. I apply the Daydream action from the Free Retro Style Photo Effect Photoshop Actions by Spoon Graphics and adjust the opacity to 20%.
  3. I apply the Brunch action from the same set of actions and adjust the opacity of the whole filter to 20% and the opacity of the colour balance layer to 20%.
  4. I apply the Boost action from the Pioneer Woman Action Set 1 (also free!) and adjust the opacity to 40%. Sometimes I skip this step, or adjust to 20% or less.
  5. I apply the Slight Lighten action from the same set of actions and adjust the opacity to whatever feels right. Sometimes I don’t feel I need this step either.
  6. At the very end, I apply the MCP High Definition Sharpening Action (free again!).
  7. I resize my images so that the width is 600px (I didn’t do this for this post so you can check them out full size) using an action I created myself to make things faster.



Here’s how my photo looks like after all that editing.



I’m very curious. How do you edit your photos?

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