Last week, I stepped my foot for the first time in Asia. I took a 12,5 hour flight to Singapore. This city/country has a beautiful climate for a Greek girl, just like Athens in July, tropical storms and amazing food. Seriously, there is so much food from so many different cultures. I couldn’t make myself choose. I followed a Chinese friend to his favorite places and ate bizarre dishes (a black egg that was left in the mud for 2 days, crispy baby squid, rice in all forms you can imagine) both street food and in fancy restaurants. I drunk a coconut. I visited the different neighborhoods that represent different cultures within the city, Little India, Chinatown and Little Arabia. I bought myself the cutest tablet facial masks (kind of like these) and an assortment of colourful Indian bangles and earrings. I went up to see the view from Swissotel (it’s free and highly recommended) and spent most of my nights swimming at the pool of the Carlton hotel (and I didn’t even stay there).

Another highlight of my trip was walking in a Hindu temple in Little India. There were barefoot people all over the place, praying, offering fruits or singing. There were people blessing the bananas and people getting a blessing. They offered us a sweet drink with nuts and then we left and everyone kept asking why I was so about it. Well, I’m not planning to become Hindu anytime soon, but seeing these people believe was a strong sight and an awesome experience.

Another late night we walked around Little India with the camera on hand. The friend who was with me thought that this was a unique sight and I said nothing at the time, but the truth is that there are parts of my city, Athens, that look like that. He was used to the skyline and I was used to trash and people sitting on the sidewalk. Later on that night we left and got ourselves a drink up in One Raffles Place. Radical change of scenery.

On my last day, I walked around in Marina Bay Sands. What an artificial place! There’s even a casino and a canal where you can rent a boat (indoors that is!). I also visited the ArtScience museum, which I LOVED. And with another 12,5 hour flight, I was back to Europe and onto my next adventure.

ps. And that was just the touristy part of my trip. During my days, I met the most amazing people and I am so grateful for all the inspiration I got, the things I learnt and the constructive discussions. See you next year. 🙂

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  • Really cool to read about your experience there 🙂
    It is a city really close to my heart as I used to visit my dad when he lived there when I was younger. I haven’t been back since the Sands hotel was built… would be such a strange sight to see! It is definitely a special sort of place that you never forget – glad you had a nice time!

  • Gorgeous shots! It sounds like you had a really wonderful time. Thanks for sharing your photos and thoughts as I love to read about places that I haven’t visited (yet!)

  • Sounds like a great trip filed with traditional and new. Would love to see that blacke egg. And the dumplings are so pretty.

  • I love all your pictures! Singapore has been on my list since I saw pictures of a friend from there.. it sounds like you had quite an adventure while visiting!