10 things that made me happy: 06│2016
+ July blog plan :)

June was a surprisingly uplifting month. This month I became 28, celebrated my 4th anniversary of moving to Trondheim (video below), the weather (with very few exceptions) was great and I got to do many little happy things. It was also a productive month. I finished a lot of work (still have quite a lot to do in July, but that’s just fine), talked only to people who made me happy (because it’s never too late to stop spending time with people who don’t make you happy), ate inspiring colorful breakfasts from Jamie’s Everyday Superfood, did lots of yoga, had an aha moment about my training routine and was overall happy. Can’t wait to keep it up in July! Here are the small things that put a smile on my face.


– A Nobelist* running on bright orange high heals**

– Flip that omelette

– People that follow grammatical rules

– Toddlers who hold adult-sized umbrellas**

– Jamie’s Everyday Superfood breakfasts <3

– A weekend with an old school mate who I hadn’t seen in more than 5 years

– When someone opens up a present

– Resist buying something I think I need, but actually don’t

– When my students understand what I am trying to explain***

– When said students got much higher grades than expected***

  • We have a Nobelist in the building my office is situated (actually two of them) and the lady has some style.
    ** I’ve had some very funny encounters on my way to work this month.
    *** Best feeling in the world


30-day minimalism challenge

Now onto my summer blog plans… I’ve been quite busy lately with work and I felt the need to focus on that for a while without  the distraction of writing blog posts and planing content. Therefore, I decided to do something I’ve been wanting to try for a while, take a 30-day challenge. More specifically, the 30-day minimalism challenge. To make things easy for me, I loosened up the rules and finished the challenge in the span of two months documenting each day of the challenge on the actual day I took it, more or less like a diary. For the next month I’m going to share with you my notes for each day, ordered in the way that they are in the original challenge and not in the way I completed them. In the end, I’ll summarize how this challenge affected my life (hint: a lot!). Feel free to join in if you like. It’ll be a month of posts and here’s an outline.


I hope you enjoy my minimalism journey as much as I did and maybe I’ll inspire you to try it for yourself. You never know…

Hugs and kisses,

  • Did you get the minimalism challenge from into mind? I love that blog. I’ve saves so many awesome tips from that website. The concept of this post is something I might steal from you. Anything that promotes happiness and gratitude.

    • Yes! The list is from Into Mind. I think I added a link to the website, but I’ll make sure to add that to the post if I didn’t. I’m already done with the 30 days and it was life-changing. Try it!