Adding on another cookbook +
Some awesome granola dust

This is the last food post for this summer and it had to be one loaded with breakfast. It also had to feature the newest addition to my cookbook collection, Jamie’s Everyday Superfood. This one arrived to my doorstep just when I needed some breakfast info. I was just finished with cooking through the breakfast recipes from the other cookbook I’m cooking through (which will be posted in due time). Of course I tested Jamie’s newest version of granola and I LOVED it.


You can find the recipe here if you want to try it for yourself. The fun thing about it is that he has quite some serving suggestions and I had to try them all. Just the kick I needed to add some color and interest to my breakfasts. Trust me they were all 5-minute or less, apart from the pancakes that take about 10 minutes, but look way more fancy. So here we go.

Overnight granola dust


Topped with banana and strawberries.

Granola dust pancakes


Granola dust porridge


Yogurt with stewed plums and granola dust


Granola dust smoothie


Milk with fresh fruit and granola dust


Warm drink


Yogurt with granola dust and fresh fruit


Hope that inspires you to have something different, colourful, yummy and nutritious tomorrow morning!

  • These recipes look delicious! I try to challenge myself with cookbook recipes that are out of my comfort zone a bit. Something I’ve never tried before. That granola dust smoothie looks insanely delicious!

    • It was so good! Especially before going to the gym!

  • Gorgeous food photography!! I loved Jamie’s book and was actually looking at the granola dust the other day so thank you for the inspiration!