Minimalism Challenge Day 11:
Evaluate your commitments


Even though I don’t feel I’ve taken on too much in my life, it is nice to re-evaluate my commitments and change what needs to be changed. Here’s what I’ve concluded after some thinking. My main commitments are…


I am committed to myself. I want to follow my dreams, to become a better version of myself, to learn, to improve, to grow, to experience, to be happy, to become a fuller person and I’ve been working on that consistently. This commitment is a very time consuming one. It involves everything from Yoga, walking in nature to clear out my mind, travel, read something interesting, honing my social skills, training, cooking, finding balance and much much more. You wouldn’t believe it how much I’ve changed, since I’ve decided that me and my well-being is my main commitment.

My PhD

Sometimes I feel that the route I’ve chosen is not the one for me. It’s not as fulfilling as I thought it would be. It certainly is a challenging route. When I am doubting myself, my commitment to the PhD suffers. I should be more committed to that, especially when things don’t go as planned. In research, things rarely go as planned anyway.

The blog

Sometimes I also feel the blog weighs me down. I’m spending more time than I want to and it’s not always for the best. I’ve decided to make it less of a commitment from now on and blog only when I feel like to. Following a specific schedule on the blog can cause stress when I am already busy enough with more important things, making the whole experience less fun. Time to change that.

What are you committed to? Need to re-evaluate?

Hugs and kisses,