Minimalism Challenge Day 12:
Define your goals for this year


This day happened to come around the time I had my birthday, which was quite fitting. Every year, I set a goal for the following 12 months.

24 was the year I would figure out what I want.

25 was the year I would learn how to cook dinners.

26 was the year I would maintain a healthy lifestyle.

27 was the year I would say what I believe and share my opinion.

The last was became quite a challenge and by the time it was Christmas I talked to a very spiritual friend of mine who helped me figure out why I was failing so bad. Then I gave myself a break and eventually I figured out my way of sharing my opinion when I want to. I also realised that to be able to do that successfully I would have to accept myself, which is something I’ve been working on since.

So what about 28 then? What do I want to make this year all about?

I spent few days thinking about different goals I could set for my life, but ultimately, I just wanted a break from the very serious and difficult goal I had set myself last year.

28 is the year I floss every single night and I do the exercises for my hunch back every single day, no exceptions.

I don’t think this is an easy goal, but it’s a way more practical one than the previous and it will make a huge difference in my life.

What are your current goals?

Hugs and kisses,