10 things that made me happy: 08│2016

This will be a bitter sweet one, just the way I’ve been feeling lately.


To start off, I have to anounce that I don’t plan to come back to the blog just yet. I’ll take at least another month for myself, trying get some work done. PhDs work like that. They request your full attention.

Summer was kind to me (or maybe I was kind to myself this summer). I had time to think, relax, assess, get over a break up and feel vulnerable again (click on that link, it’s a good one!). I met people, heard opinions, read books, drew my own conclusions and moved on from the past. In a moment of deep thought, I decided that I’ll take happily whatever the future brings and, more importantly, with grace. It still seems like a good way to tackle the unknown, gracefully that is. I gained back a long lost sense of freedom. I did things I hadn’t done since I was teenager (and my parents hadn’t seen me do since then either, big shock, I know!). I came home after dawn, drunk one too many cocktails, celebrated with friends, lied about unimportant stuff, followed no rules and no plan, said yes more times than I said no, had a break down at the beginning and then another one before the end, went back to Trondheim with a new set of rules that are mine and mine alone and didn’t feel a moment of regret. Now back to a temporary reality.

Here’s what made me happy in August.

– Sing duets in the car with a friend who is just as bad at singing as I am

– The fact that my ears blocked when I drove up to Lycabettus hill

– Unpredictable, but welcome, kisses and hugs

– Break glasses in the heat of an argument*

– Give away a book I had just read to a stranger, who I later on got to know better

– Late night Aikido lessons in the middle of the street

– A sugar rush, after years of not eating sugar

– Dates that go surprisingly bad**

– Silence in the car, at home, in the bus,…

– Sleep when I was way too tired

How was your month?

* Apparently I get very into the topic of living conditions of 6-month olds in Norway.
** Because then you get to enjoy more the ones that go well.

ps. Photo from Sifnos.