Some more breakfast ideas

My second cooking book from Jamie Oliver, Everyday Superfood, has a huge section of breakfasts. I could eat something different every single day just by cooking through it. Being the creature of habit that I am, this thought makes me feel quite stressed. I tried some of them recently and I put them all in this post, just in case you’re in need for some breakfast inspiration. Did I mention how healthy and filling these breakfast options are? My favorite one is, of course, pancakes. I wouldn’t mind me some pancakes any day. Here you go…

Chia seed fruit pots

This is an overnight breakfast that can last you a few days. It’s completely up to you to find your favorite fruit combos and toppings. It’s also a great idea if you want your breakfast to go. Make it on a Sunday night and you’re done for the whole working week.

34 - fruit-pots-strawberry

34 - fruit-pots-mango

Fruit soups with granola dust

Another breakfast you can prepare the night before are these colorful fruit soups. The combos are at least inspiring and way out of my comfort zone, but if you like your breakfast spicy (with ginger or turmeric) then you’ll love these.





Smoothie pancakes

I make pancakes so often lately, I can make them with my eyes closed, especially these banana ones. The blueberries are an amazing addition. I also like that this recipe makes just enough for one person. No need to scale down or anything. Highly recommended. If you want to try one recipe from this cookbook, then thy this one.


The hidden blueberries…


Energy balls

Lastly, if you’re not into traditional breakfasts, you may want to try energy balls instead. Two energy balls and a coffee will keep you full and energized in the morning. Otherwise, these make great sweet snacks, if you can resist eating too many of them at a time.

Energy balls with date, cocoa and pumpkin seeds


Or with apricot, ginger and cashew

250 - apricot-ginger-cashew-energy-balls4

What your favorite breakfast these days? Honestly, I’ve been eating the same breakfast for the past two weeks, trahanas (a fermented mixture of grain and yoghurt or fermented milk that I use in the place of oats) with banana and milk.