10 things that made me happy: 12│2016

The first week of the year is already gone, today is my name day and I’m so fucking late. I realized this morning that I had totally forgotten about all the amazing things that happened this December. It’s a good thing I guess I was too busy living. Time to take a break (a break is always a good idea) to write some happy things down. In December, too many Christmas dinners happened in Trondheim and way too much Christmas shopping. We planned a vacation up in the Greek mountains, which was the highlight of the month. I spent the last part of the month in Greece, where I immediately came down with the flu. Christmas day in bed with high fever may not have been the best, but I was way too happy to even care. Then, we drove up to Pilio (a mountain in Greece, which is a very popular destination for winter vacations), stayed at an AirBnb and enjoyed some snow, lots of good food and each other. It was the best way to end 2016. May 2017 be a good one. We’ll do it ourselves anyway. Without further ado, here are the happy things of December.

– Have a cold and someone to take care of you

– Be impulsive and not regret it afterwards

– That Trondheim is a village and you end up seeing the same people ALL THE TIME

– People with genuine smiles (no matter what)

– When someone tricks me into eating Nutella that I pretend I don’t like and haven’t eaten in many years

– When I wake up in Greece and there’s snow outside

– Receive books as presents

Sell my first drawing

– Get the window seat on a plane (or a train or the bus)

Hugs and neck kisses

How was your December?

ps. In December, I realized the life-changing power of “So what?” as a response to most of our everyday thoughts and troubles. You have to try it!