5 looks for Athens in spring

Athens in spring has an unpredictable weather. One day it’s super warm and sunny and the next it’s 12 degrees and windy. Having lived in the city for 24 years, I know how to pack the perfect outfits for a trip to Greece.

Apart from the suitcase, you’ll need some sort of jacket. I bought mine in Norway, after falling in love with it for a while. It’s from Ganni, a Danish brand, but you can find similar for a much lower price point. My second piece, I never travel without, is my faux leather backpack. I got so many compliments on it. Keep in mind that the zipper gets completely destroyed after about a year and a half of daily use though*.

Leather jacket: Ganni, Backpack: Mat and Natt, T-shirt: Only (old), Jeans: Lindex (old)

Then, I like to pack my mid-season little black dress that can be dressed up or down. I love the transparent piece of fabric at the bottom. I bought it last year and it has been one of my favorite pieces since.

Leather jacket: Ganni, Backpack: Coccinelle (old), Dress: Le temps des cerises (old), Sunglasses: Persol

Sunglasses are very necessary in Greece, because it’s usually very sunny this time of year. I find that anything brown or purple fits well with my skin and hair color. I’ve stuck to these colors as long as I can remember myself.

Another great option for spring is a trench coat. To be honest, I wanted the one from Burberry, but I found a Zara one that looks very similar. It looks so cute with my dresses.

Trench coat: Zara (old), Bag: Coccinelle (old)

I usually travel light, so to spice up my basic pieces I bring some kimonos that change-up my looks completely. Both kimonos are my latest purchases from the Greek brand Attrattivo. If you want to find some Greek fashion look no further.

Kimono: Attrattivo, Jeans: Lindex (old), Shoes: Geox (old)

Lastly, I want to touch a bit on shoes. When it comes to shoes, I’m all for my Nikes. They’re sort of my trademark. But when I’m not wearing my Nikes, something that happens a lot more often in Greece than in Norway. I go for comfort. All my shoes are easy to walk in, even my heels. Two brands I trust for this are Geox and Gabor. They don’t look like an old lady’s pair of shoes, do they? Just my two cents.

Kimono: Attrattivo, Jeans: Lindex (old), Shoes: Geox (old)

Cardigan: Attrattivo, Jeans: Lindex (old), Shoes: Gabbor (old)

You can find way more photos of my looks in my Instagram and Instagram stories, where I upload at least once a day, no matter what :).

What are your must-haves when it comes to spring trips to the south?

Note: Special thanks to my photographers in Athens. You guys did a great job.

* This happened to another friend of mine as well, so it’s a defect. I replaced the zipper at my own cost and it works fine now after two and a half years.

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  1. Lorna

     /  May 9, 2017

    Ganni are amazing! I love their leather jackets. Great outfits!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  2. It’s so hard to prepare for a trip this time of year. Like you said, it can be very cool or very hot! Layers are key. And of course you need comfortable shoes if you’re exploring the city by foot!


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