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There is no denying I like Instagram. From all the social media, Instagram is the one that gets most of my attention. There’s something very artistic and minimal about the design that makes me enjoy the content shared there more than anywhere else. I browse Instagram daily to get me inspired, find new recipes, see what’s new in my favorite stores and just see beautiful photos. I recently got addicted to Instagram stories, but that’s a whole other story. In this post, I’m going to share some of my favorite (small) Instagram accounts, that you probably don’t know about. If you, like me, enjoy pretty pictures of things, places and people, scroll down to find some accounts you’ll want to follow.


Myrthe Slootjes is a lifestyle photographer, whose photos are going to get you seriously inspired. There’s a mix of food, fashion and traveling in her posts. You can see her personality from her photos and the captions below them. #instafollow


Tasja Van Rymenant is photographer and illustrator from Belgium. Apart from the beautiful tattoos, she features all white interiors and shots from everyday life, that looks nothing like the chaos in my house. #housegoals


A couple from Athens, living in London, is the duo behind this account. I followed them because in their photos I saw Athens (my city) through their eyes and it looked pretty, clean and colorful. If there’s a theme in their photos, that’s #architecture.


If you love dreamy shoes, skirts and dresses, then the Barefoot Dutchess is the one you should follow. She showcases all the clothes and accessories I have nowhere to wear to, but still dream of wearing. #dreamstyle


On the other hand, Leeloo, who lives in Paris and recently became a mom, has a more wearable, but interesting style. This Parisian chic style I would actually want to wear everyday and I could, if I didn’t live in Norway. I’ve found so many nice brands through her. #stylegoals


Last but not least, Andrea Nicolaou shares beautiful photos of places I dream of going to. She adds places to my travel list with every new post. #takemethere

These are some of my favorite Instagram accounts out there. I chose some you propably don’t know about, since they have a relatively small following and I hope you find them just as interesting as I do.

What’s your Instagram account? Who do you follow? Feel free to share your suggestions in the comments!

  • Hello, i started to care about my instagram few weeks ago because i totally fell for this social site. I am a digital nomad girl, travel and lifestyle writer abmnd a girl who tries to find inspiration and stories everywhere and every time.

    • Hello Barborasway, you have really pretty photos on your Instagram account! Keep up the good work!

  • Andrea Broom

    I love barefoot duchess, she has such grace and her pictures are so bright and lively. Thanks for sharing these. Will have to check the rest out!

    • I know! She’s so uplifting! I’m glad you found some inspiration!

  • I absolutely LOVE instagram!! You can get so much inspiration & ideas!! Great suggestions!! 🙂