10 things that make me happy: 05│2017

Another month has passed and here I am wondering where the first half of 2017 went. I’m very happy it’s finally spring (or is it summer?) in Trondheim. May in Norway is a good month in the sense that most weeks have just four working days. So far this year I had a feeling of being constantly tired, but I’m back to feeling rested after taking time completely off in May. I’m ready to get back to normal rhythm now. Few weekends ago I flew to Stavanger to visit friends and see what Norway has to offer (apart from Trondheim and Oslo). It was a lovely quick trip.

When it comes to training, this month wasn’t a good one. I had an injury in one of my knees, nothing too serious, but one that resulted in a pool membership, as an early birthday gift from my parents. While my knee is back to normal now and I resume running, I still have a very expensive pool membership to make use of. At first I wasn’t very happy swimming, but the pool in Trondheim is AMAZING. Swimming is now my favorite part of the week. I’m looking forward to my time in the water.

I’m also looking forward to June and all the things I’ve planned for summer. Here’s what made me happy this month.

– Two podcasts: S-town and Hidden brain

– The pool in Trondheim (Pirbadet)

– Pink blossoming trees

– Escape rooms that I succeed escaping

My long weekend in Stavanger

– Have a proper manicure at home that looks good (I use Seche vite)

– Make waffles at home and my new waffle iron

– My 30-day lipstick challenge*

Twin peaks

– That I am so close to finish the Project Pan I started last year and begin a new one.

What was in your list in May?

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