Birthday wishlist 2017

Next week is my 29th birthday and just like I do every year, I made a list of the things I would enjoy as gifts. It all began few years ago, when my friends and I thought that a wishlist would make it much easier to pick gifts for each other that we would actually enjoy. If any of us wanted to get a gift outside the list, it was of course very welcome. That is if we wanted to get a gift, because there’s always an option to skip it altogether. Afterall, we don’t need gifts to validate our friendship. Without further ado, here’s what I’ve been wanting for my 29th birthday.

Birthday wishlist 2017

A red backpack

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I’ve had a black backpack for the past 2.5 years that I carry with me every day. It’s holding up quite well, but I’ve repaired the zippers once and I want to ease up on the usage. I also want to add some color in my life and I hope this red backpack is the one. It’s doesn’t have to be Louis Vuitton though. This Guess one is super pretty.

Swimming lessons

My parents gave me a pool membership last month as an early birthday gift and I love it. I never imagined it, but it’s my favorite time of the week. However, my stroke is not the best one and I have a lot to improve. Swimming lessons will be a very useful gift.

Nike tights

Specifically, this high-rise pair in XS. I have an addiction to Nike leggings and running shoes. So a new pair of tights will be very loved.

A donation to Greek cancer society

Let’s be honest, I can buy whatever I need and want for myself. For the first time this year, I decided to include in my list a cause  you can donate to, instead of a material gift to me. I’ve been working in cancer research for the past 5 years and I want to support the Greek cancer society and cancer research in Greece. So feel free to support this cause as a gift for my 29th birthday.

Keeping it short and concise this year. It’s becoming  increasingly hard the more I support myself. How to you ask for something that if you want a lot, you can buy for yourself? What do you have on your wishlists?

ps. Birthday wishlists from 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012 and 2011. Didn’t I make a birthday wishlist last year? Go figure…

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  1. I love making birthday wishlists too! Great picks. (can I just say how ripped that model’s abs in that legging photo are?) I didn’t know that you had been working in cancer research – the Greek cancer society donation is a really nice gift idea 🙂

  2. That`s a great idea Joanna and really touching!! Well done on the thought & happy, fabulous birthday from Greece!! 🙂

  3. I need to come up with a wishlist too – my husband is a terrible gift giver haha.

  4. Andrea

     /  June 10, 2017

    Love your list, this bag is calling my name so much. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Need to start passing this to everyone I know, even though my birthday just passed. A little late would be nice hehehe.

  5. I love the color red because it can go with both black and brown accessories! I just got a red rain jacket at Target. Yeah, it makes me stick out when I’m in a city where everyone seems to dress in dark colors, but I have black rain jacket with my college logo that I could wear in that case.

    • I really like it when people stop me in the street and tell me they like the color of my coat (mine is yellow). It also somehow brightens my mood. So I say go for it!

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