Cooking through a Jamie Oliver cookbook:
5 dinners

Remember a long time ago, when I was cooking through Jamie’s 15 minute meals? I still am. But now I don’t post each recipe on a separate post, I gather five recipes at a time and tell you all about them. I’ve actually cooked many more recipes and I’m 75% done with the cookbook at this point. It’s becoming increasingly difficult, as the recipes that I’m left with I’m not that drawn to. But back to these five recipes. Today, I’m cooking through Jamie’s cookbook for you with the ease of my computer screen…

Jamie’s smoked salmon

Some of Jamie’s recipes are fast and delicious. Perfect for a quick summer lunch.


Bacon, potatoes and salmon. I never thought this would be a good combo, but it’s a great Scandi-inspired dish. Feels like home.


I especially loved the yogurt, mustard and dill spread. I goes so well with my favorite Danish bread and topped with some smoked salmon.


Apart from a fast weekend lunch, this is great for when you have friends over. You can have everything in your fridge and serve something that looks elaborate, but it really isn’t. Will I make this again? YES!


Jamie’s sticky kicking chicken

I love all sorts of salads, but there’s one type I really can’t eat and find disgusting, salads with strawberries or watermelon. Bleh.


This recipe wasn’t a complete failure. The salad went to the garbage, because I just couldn’t eat it, but the chicken was absolutely delicious.


Sticky chicken with sesame is so delicious. My only wish was a better salad to go with it.


However, if you like fruits in salads, then you may like it. Apparently, I’m picky.


Jamie’s winter squash penne

There’s this vegetable pasta in my local supermarket in Trondheim that is made out of beetroot and it’s so yummy. So when Jamie said penne, I said beetroot pasta.


This pasta is a fall/winter recipe, because of the winter squash. It’s full of nutrients, as it also includes chickpeas.


Unlike the previous recipe, this comes with an avocado salad. If you know me, you know that avocados are on the top of the list of my favorite foods. I can survive on it.


This recipe quickly became one of my favorites and I definitely suggest you try it too.


Jamie’s prawn linguine

Another favorite recipe is Jamie’s prawn linguine.


Bonus? It looks like you spent half a day in the kitchen, while it probably takes 20 minutes to make. I used another type of vegetable pasta on this dish.


I especially loved the garlicky breadcrumbs and the smell of saffron in the prawns. This combination, while I would have never imagine it work, was unbelievably good.


Jamie’s Korean fried rice

Or fried bulgur, because that’s what I had in the house.


Whatever has an egg on top of it, has my name on it. Pancakes? Sure. Toast? Of course. Fried rice bulgur? Definitely.


Add to eat some meat, mushrooms, a basic spinach salad and pickles and it’s a delicious dinner.



While this recipe was not in my top 10 recipes from Jamie’s 15 minute meals, it was a good one, especially when it comes to learning how to make a nutritious meal with many different components in it fast and easy.


And that’s it for today: 5 recipes. Have you ever tried cooking through a cookbook? It has been an awesome learning experience for me. It opened my mind to a new world of nurturing my body.

  • Ohhh my goodness, these all look so delicious! Bookmarking this for some major cooking inspiration! The first meal especially really gets me, but ohhh that pasta! I just went to the grocery store and didn’t buy any and now regret it 😉

    • A nice colorful dinner (or lunch) can definitely change your mood. I’m glad I inspired you!