birthday commitment

…and all my teeth. It’s time for a new, fresh birthday commitment. Every year, when it get closer to my birthday, I make myself commit to something for the following year of my life. Some years it’s more abstract, like 24, which was the year I would figure out what I want. Or like 27, the year I would say what I believe and share my opinion. Some other year, it was more practical, like 25, the year I would learn how to cook dinners (I was only making desserts and cakes up to that point). 26 was a year of overall change, the year I would maintain a healthy lifestyle. Usually, at the end of each year, the change has grown in me and I’m not ready to give up and move on to something new, rather than add a new aspect. 28 was the year I would floss every day (spoiler: I didn’t) and do the exercises for my hunch back every day (spoiler: I did).

I didn’t floss every day, because I just didn’t. But I flossed much more frequently and I’ll keep working on it. However, when it comes to my back, I took drastic measures. I went to my doctor and he refered me to a physiotherapist, which is something I strongly suggest. I got a set of exercises for my back that I had to do everyday. I’m still doing the exercises every single day (it doesn’t take that long) and I’ve seen a huge difference. My back doesn’t hurt anymore (which was a severe PMS symptom for me), my abs are much stronger, I am sitting much straighter, I look taller and I got rid of my most problematic area in my body, my love handles. The last one was a bonus, I wasn’t expecting. If I knew it would be so life changing, I would have done it much earlier.*

Trying to find my own voice for my 27th year was really hard on me. It had ups and downs and was way too emotional for me. For 28, I wanted something easy. I needed a break, thus I shifted my focus to something more physical, my back pain. Now it’s time to find what I want to work on for the next year in my life and I’ve had many ideas. There are many things I want to achieve in my life, that include getting a PhD, becoming a yoga instructor and fully understanding quantum mechanics, but 29 is the year I stop over-analyzing. I know it’s going to be tough, being a control freak and a chronic over-thinker, but I’m going to start with the 7-second rule and go from there.

For me having a birthday commitment is more effective than new year’s resolutions. Do you feel the same? Have ever made a birthday commitment? Did you succeed?

Anyway, happy birthday to me! 🙂

* I plan to share the exercises I do for my back here soon.

  • happy bday!

  • Happy birthday!!

  • Gratulerer med dagen 🙂 Sounds like a solid plan! I’m an over-analyzer as well and it’ll bring me a stomach ulcer one day for sure 😀

    • I know! I’ve had many health issues in the past due to stress. It’s just not worth it.

  • Happy Birthday to you! I love that you’ve had an aim for each year 🙂
    Daily stretches make so much difference, I’m supposed to do them every day for my neck, and it changes everything!

    • I find it very hard to get the routine down, but after the first two month of being intentional, it’s not that hard anymore. I like building these small healthy habits. In the end, they make such a big difference.

      ps. Thank you for the wishes!

  • Happy Birthday To Youuuu!!! New Year`s resolutions never worked for me too but I never thought I could have birthday ones instead… It`s such a great habbit and I am following!! 🙂 xo