A modern map art print

This post is in collaboration with Modern Map Art. They kindly provided with a map art print of my choice to review. All opinions shared are my own.

It’s been a while since I changed anything in my house and when Modern Map Art contacted me about reviewing one of their prints, I though decor update. I was always drawn to map art and more graphic prints (that one still lives with my parents in Greece, until I move back to my own house), so I jumped at the opportunity to finally hang some map art on my walls.

map art print

Choosing a map art print

Checking their website, I admit I was blown away by all the different of options. You can find almost all big cities. I couldn’t find Trondheim in the list, which would have been my first choice, but then I looked for other big cities I want to go back to, like Singapore, Paris, London and New York. I was also looking at all the ski art, which I thought would look awesome too. In the end, I went for New York, because of its famous grid street plan, that I think looks really nice in print. I went for the biggest size (24 x 36 inches) in green.


I live in Norway, so I’m always a bit more aware of international shipping. Let’s say I’ve learned my lesson. It took a month from ordering to get the print to my house, which is a reasonable time for Trondheim. The print arrived well protected in a tube. It’s made from a museum quality matte paper and ultrachrome ink.

map art print

The fun part

I haven’t bought a frame yet, since I plan to move the print to Greece (which you’ll see later this summer) and frame it there. I will definitely do that, since it’ll ensure that the colors of the print last long. I’m thinking of starting a gallery wall in my office in Greece and this print will be a great starting piece. For now, I used the easier method to hang it on  my wall just to take some photos of it for this post.


map art print

Isn’t it strange how art can change the space and our mood at the same time? What type of prints do you buy (that is if you buy)? have you ever bought map art print? Let me know in the comments!