Let’s talk skincare:
Reviewing everything I own from Kiehl’s

This was going to be an Instagram post, but I’ve actually tried too many Kiehl’s products and I have a lot to say. In this post you’ll find reviews on Kiehl’s products I’ve been using for at least a few months. Products below are grouped by the collection they’re part of or their type. I hope you find this review helpful. Feel free to share your own favorites! Is there anything I should try?


Skin >> Ultra Facial

Ultra Facial Cream

Won’t repurchase

I’m on my second tube of this basic moisturising cream. There is no SPF and no claims of added-benefits for this products. I buy the large tube, which lasts me around 5 months. It doesn’t break me out and lays beautifully under makeup. However, I recently realised that it contains silicone, which I don’t like in my skin care. Does anyone knows a non-cosmedogenic moisturising cream for normal to oily sensitive skin without silicone? I’d love to hear your recommendations.

Ultra Facial Deep Moisture Balm

Won’t repurchase, sample

This balm is a much heavier version of the ultra facial cream targeted at dry skin. While I have a normal to combination skin, I may suffer extreme dryness during winter. On these days, I used a tiny bit of this balm. While this is a sample, I don’t think I’ll be over it any time soon. It’s extremely moisturising and will save your very dry skin. It didn’t break me out, but I don’t see myself buying the full size, as I rarely need that much moisture.

Ultra Facial Cleanser

Will repurchase, sample, not shown

This is a basic cleanser (as all the other items from this line I’ve tried). I cleans properly, but doesn’t strip the skin from moisture. It has no smell I could detect and doesn’t break me out. That’s about what I require from a cleanser. So I like and I will buy the full size soon.

Ultra Facial Toner

Won’t repurchase, sample, not shown

I’m not sure how to judge a toner. I didn’t feel any difference while using this (I had a sample that lasted me for a month) and to me it’s a bit excessive having that many products in a routine. This wasn’t a bad product, but I won’t be repurchasing, because I didn’t feel any difference in my skin.

Note: I would like to try the oil-free version of these products as it seems to be more targeted to combination/oily skin. However the cream in that line still contains silicone which is so frustrating.

Skin >> Rare earth

Rare earth deep pore cleansing masque

Will repurchase

This basic clay mask can be used twice a week. This mask leaves my pores feeling smooth and my skin soft. I really like that this effect lasts me a couple of days. I’ve noticed a slightly clearer skin and smaller pores after consistent use for a month. I will be certainly repurchasing a new tube of this when I’m out.

Rare Earth Deep Pore Daily Cleanser

Won’t repurchase, sample, not shown

This cleanser is a very gentle scrub, that doesn’t irritate the skin. I won’t be repurchasing, because I don’t like the feeling of scrubs on my skin, but it’s a very effective cleanser that doesn’t leave the skin overly dry. I’d rather use the ultra facial cleanser instead.

Skin >> Facial serum

Midnight Recovery Concentrate

Will repurchase

This night serum smells delightfully. Apart from the nice smell, it is very lightweight, absorbs very fast in my skin and feels very luxurious. It hasn’t broken me out. I haven’t seen any huge difference in my skin, but I will consider repurchasing in the future.

Daily Reviving Concentrate

Will repurchase, not shown

Just as the midnight concentrate, this serum smells amazing, feels luxurious and hasn’t broken me out. It makes my skin look instantly healthier. I’ve read that you could mix it in with your foundation, but my water based foundations don’t play that well with it. It layers beautifully if you give it few minutes to absorb. This serum is also in my repurchase list.

Hair >> Argan

Superbly Smoothing Argan Hair Pak

Won’t repurchase (

I use hair mask every time I wash my hair, because it seems that the use of (any) mask every time I wash my hair makes a huge difference on my extremely dry and thin hair. This mask is nice, but nothing exceptional. One issue I have with it is that it doesn’t wash off easily. On the plus side, it’s silicone-free (surprisingly difficult to find smoothing hair products not containing silicone) and paraben-free. After I’m done with this tub, I’m going back to my trusty Kerastase.

Have you tried anything from Kiehl’s? What are your thoughts on their products?

Note 1: Don’t throw away your empty tubes. Kiehl’s (at least in Greece) takes them back and you get free products in return.

Note 2: This is an honest review and Kiehl’s hasn’t sponsored this post.


  • Really interesting to read about all of these! I finally got the Midnight Recovery Concentrate (on your recommendation, actually – I guess blogging does sell products, haha) but haven’t noticed anything at all that it’s done, even though it’s lovely and smells good… not sure what to expect here, which sounds pretty much like your review of it as well.

    • Exactly. I haven’t tried any other serum, so I don’t know what a good serum should feel like. Do you have any recommendations btw? Have you tried any other serum?