World’s best roadtrip: The Atlantic Road

Last week, I checked one more part of Norway off my travel list: The Atlantic Road. It’s 230 km southwest of Trondheim and a nice day trip. If you decide to get there, you’ll be driving by fjords, lakes and rivers. The whole trip is a must.

I’ll begin by sharing our itinerary. The round trip is around 8 hours of driving. Including stops for food and photos, it’ll really take you a full 12 hours. Our first stop was Kristiansund, a fishing town by the coast. The best and prettiest way to get there is through E6 from Trondheim to Orkanger and E39 from Orkanger to Kristiansund.

On the way to Kristiansund, you may need to stretch your feet a bit. Valsøytunet is a pretty place to do that. It’s a camping site with a small restaurant and beautiful views.

Get an ice cream and a coffee and move on your way. There’s still a long way to go.

When you reach Halsa, you’ll have to get a ferry-boat to get to Kanestraum. The ride takes 20 minutes and it’s so pretty. It’s also very cheap.

Kristiansund is a very short ride from Kanestraum. However, keep in mind there a 5km underwater tunnel, in case you don’t like the feeling.

Arriving in Kristiansund, you’ll be very hungry. And that’s a good thing, because this small town has very nice food, especially when it comes to fish.

After a short ride around Kristiansund, we decided on what the locals suggested: Smia restaurant. Located near the small boat port in an old building, Smia offers a selection of fish dishes. From whale to baccalao and salmon, we tried everything and were quite satisfied. Prices are very Norwegian, so don’t expect it to be super cheap.

After our pit stop, we were quickly on our way to the Atlantic road, Atlanterhavsveien in Norwegian. The road connects a series of small islands and driving through it is a unique experience. There are lots of places you’ll want to stop to get photos.

We stopped almost on every island.

It was a lovely sunny summer day, not particularly warm, but not windy. I loved it.

After talking all the beauty in, it was time to head back. The way back was easy: back to the Halsa-Kanestraum ferry, E39 and then E6. Fortunately, there is no night in Norway in July. We were back home at 3 in the morning and a day of adventures was over.

This trip had been on my list since I moved to Norway and I’m so happy to cross it off. If you have one more day to spend you can go further to Geiranger, before heading back to Trondheim. It’ll be a trip, you’ll remember. Let me know if you ever want to organize a trip in the area. I’ll be very happy to help. I hope I convinced you to put Atlantic road on you travel list. Did I?

  • Looks like such an amazing drive! I love your photos – they remind me of my Hurtigruten trip in 2009 🙂 Do the roads here get quite busy during the summer?

    • No, not at all busy! There are people but nothing crazy. It was a beautiful drive! I highly recommend it!

  • what a great trip!