Stavanger road trip:
Jæren National Tourist Route

When I visited Stavanger in May, my local friends took us on a Stavanger road trip to another one of the most famous routes in Norway. Norway isn’t short of things to see and Jæren national tourist route is one of them. The drive will set you back 2 hours, both ways, but you’ll want to save some time to take photos, get a coffee and eat a waffle. How can you go on a road trip without waffles?

There are plenty to see along the way. The landscape of this area is completely different to everything else I’ve seen in Norway, so unique and rocky!

Hå Old Vicarage

The endpoint of our road trip was the Hå Old Vicarage, an art and culture center with very old history. The place is close to the sea with great views to the shore. There’s even a very old cemetery from the late iron age nearby. There’s also a very cool cafe where you can grab a bite or drink a coffee. A perfect place to grab a lunch made from locally sourced ingredients.


Kåre Wiig nursery

Last, but not least, on the way to the Old Vicarage, you may want to pay a visit to the biggest producer of tomatoes in Norway. Apart from tomatoes, you’ll find all sorts of plants for reasonable prices.

Now I know, where people from Stavanger buy all these colorful pretty flowers that you see all over the city.

That was my Stavanger road trip! Last week, I posted all about my latest road trip in Norway, the beautiful Atlantic road and I hope that with this week’s post I sparked your curiosity about Norway. Have you been on a road trip recently?

ps. I have some more things to share about my trip to Stavanger. They’re coming soon.