10 things that make me happy: 07β”‚2017

Time in Norway goes by very slowly and time in Greece goes by very fast. It’s already August and I’m in Argostoli, in Kefalonia. Today I’m feeling like I want to start a fight, which I may have already done. Maybe it’s the heat wave or the fact that I have to walk a long (in the heat) way to get me a nice cup of iced coffee or the sun or that it’s too warm for any physical activity apart from swimming (and that includes sex, I don’t want to keep you wondering what I mean). In other news, there’s an open air film festival these days at the beach. The scenery is unbelievable. You can see the stars and the moon, you can hear the sea and dip your toes in the sand while watching a movie. I only wish that the short films that were presented were not that amateur.*

In other news, August is my main vacation month and I have some nice plans. I hope it’s a good month. If I don’t pop-up often on the blog, then rest assured that I’m having a good time and if you’re wondering about the whats and hows, follow me on Instagram, where I’m joining Marianthi on her 365 photography project. The first month flew by so fast and now I got the hang of it. I pick up the camera every day and take many photos. I hope you like them! You can find the collection here, as well as on my Instagram account. Follow me and follow along. And if you do, don’t forget to say something so I can follow you back.

Have an unbelievably amazing August!

Oh, before I leave for the beach, here’s my happy list for July.

– The fact that I insured my new iPhone so that I get a replacement for free now that I broke the screen

– Freddo cappuccino by the sea (an all-time classic), by the pool, in the center

– Sandals and summer dresses (the same few)

– Sweaty summer and underwater cuddles

– Salty kisses

– Semi-permanent manicures and pedicures

A photography seminar Marianthi and I attended last week** (.)

– Meet sweet sweet sweet Marianthi πŸ™‚

– The fact that Instagram is full of flamingo floats, while I haven’t seen one in real life

– Walk barefoot

What are your plans for August? What is on your mind lately? And finally, what’s in your happy list at the moment?

* I can’t say one good thing these days, can I? Do I have to, though? Food for thought on positivity… Are we being too nicey-nice on each other in the name of positivity? What happened to opinion, honesty and creative criticism?
** Do you want to know what I learned? Should I write more about that? It was quite interesting.

ps. One last thing before I leave. I run a Giveaway on the blog in the beginning of the month and the winner was announced on the Giveaway post on Instagram. If that’s not you, do not worry, there’s more to come this fall.

  • Lorna

    Walking barefoot and being on the beach are definitely things that make me happy too!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  • It seems you are having the best vacation!! πŸ™‚ Thank you so so much for the sweet comments, you put a smile on my face!! It was a great seminar & I am so happy we met!! You are the cutest!! Can`t wait for your next posts and giveaways!! Enjoy the rest of August my friend!! xo

    • It took me a while to read this (-> I had the best time off and didn’t check my computer at all). I hope you’re still enjoying summer! πŸ™‚