10 things that make me happy: 08│2017

August was a month filled with vacations. I visited Malta and then Peloponnese. I also sneaked in a couple of days in Evia and a weekend in Thiva (not a touristy place at all). It was a full summer vacation that was very much-needed. Towards the end of the month I came back to Trondheim and life resumed. Greece was really warm and lovely. Just what summer should be. In Trondheim, it’s already fall. I hope you had an awesome summer. What were your favorite things this summer? Here’s what made me happy!

– Crystal clear waters

– Peanut butter toasts

– Longer nails

– The smell of the air in Trondheim (fresh and humid these days)

– Sign up for a new Yoga class (I skipped it last semester as it was fully booked)

– The sound of the streets very early in the morning and the city waking up

– That it’s (almost*) fall and I can enjoy some pumpkin spice latte and wear dark lipstick

– Buy useful cheap gadgets from eBay

– Eat that first bite off a dessert that doesn’t belong to me <3

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Ready for fall? I certainly am!

ps. Photo from Elafonisos, Greece.

  • What a beautiful picture Joanna!! Stealing desserts from other people is a indeed a favorite… Have a great fall!! 🙂