10 things that make me happy: 09│2017

I woke up this morning and it’s the first of October. How does it happen? I’ve tried to write a few things for this month, but blogging (or writing to be more accurate) is something you shouldn’t leave, because it leaves you. After few rounds of deleting and re-writing and deleting again, I’m settling down for this short description of my month. If you want more of my day-to-day life, then you can follow me on Instagram and 365Project, where I post daily snippets.

I’ve been absent from the blog for quite some time now and I’m afraid it’s going to stay that way until I’m mostly done with my PhD. I still have a ton of photos from my trips waiting to be posted and some days I just want to sit down and write all about them, but this has to wait. Towards the end of August I bought a Nespresso machine and this month I’m loving coffee. My favorites so far are vanillo, ristretto, envivo and fortissio. What should I try next? There were more than a 100 things to include in my happy list this month, but I narrowed it down to just ten. Here they are.

– A fresh new notebook (slowly getting into my version of journaling)

– Essays, articles and books written with brilliance and clarity

– My morning routine of sun salutations

– Creative Instagram accounts

– When my parents send me photos from their travels

– Find inspiration about what to photograph for my 365 project

– Students who come back with questions

– My Nespresso machine

– Spend the last 15 minutes before closing time in the relaxing pool overlooking the fjord in the Trondheim

– Music I want to dance to

This month unplugging meant reading a great book (on the history of science on the nature of light, The autobiography of light by George Grammatikakis) and some awesome articles.

Steven Weinberg on quantum mechanics and his brilliant explanations of the challenges they are facing

A cup of Jo answering questions in the style of a women’s magazine in the 60’s, but in a modern way

No Netflix? No problem.

– Every single cognitive bias in one infographic.

An awesome very short story

– On my main issue with Instagram (apart from sexy poses and nakedness)

What were your favorite things in September?