99 photography prompts for fall

100 fall photography promptsIt’s been more than a hundred days since I began my daily photography challenge (you can see it here) and I’ve noticed how much more inspired I feel now. In the beginning, I was struggling to find anything to photograph, but now I don’t have enough time to take all the photos I want. It’s a far better place, let me tell you. I know that getting into a daily photography challenge, you may think “What am I going to photograph in the next 365 days? Will I snap the same photos again and again?”. These were the thoughts crossing my mind, but they don’t have to cross yours. If you want to start a challenge of your own, don’t be afraid. I’ve got you covered. I’m sharing my autumn inspiration list, 99 photography prompts for fall.

My strategy was to approach it seasonally. You may take the same photo a season apart and it will be different enough. My prompts are not necessarily season specific and you’ll probably see them appear again and again in my other seasonal photography prompt lists, but I get a completely different idea when I think of them in the context of a specific season. You don’t get the same mental image of a beach in winter and a beach in summer. Then, there are events and things that are very season specific, like Halloween and the leaves fall off the trees. Lastly, there are photography techniques I want to explore, like double exposure and negative space photography.

I say, start your photography project today and if you do, send me a link to your photos. It’s always good to support fellow 365’rs. Good luck!

99 fall photography prompts

ps. You can download and print the list by clicking on the photo and saving it on your computer. Have fun!

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