10 things that make me happy: 10│2017

Maybe you’ve noticed, maybe you didn’t. The blog got a redesign. I’d been talking about it for at least a year now. I discussed a bit with a web designer, but I can’t get myself to delegate something I can carry out myself. It took me a day to install a new theme and customize it the way I want it. Everything is new and I am in love with it. What do you think?

I have to admit I’m going through a stress crisis these days. It’s an expected side effect of finishing a PhD. It’s an era of my life slowing reaching its end, while the next step is not quite defined. I’m doing my best embracing the endless possibilities my future may hold and taking care of all the details for a seamless transition to a new country, to new habits, to a new career.

Without further ado, here’s what made it into my top 10 happy things in October!

– My spontaneous blog redesign

– That I got back into baking chocolate goodies

– My new travel Yoga mat (it is eco-friendly and had amazing grip)

– Lay on clean sheets after having a bath

– That I changed the clocks in time

– Streamlined routines and simplicity in everyday life

– Plan festive outfits (bought this and these <3)

– Good feedback

– The smell of my mimosa and cardamom perfume on my scarf

– Wear all the colors 😀


I hope you have a great month! What were your happy things in October?


  • I have that Manduka mat as well and love it! That’s such a fun and festive outfit you bought 🙂 Happy November – hope you’ll be able to relax a bit more soon!

    • Thank you! How does it hold? I hope doesn’t biodegrade within a couple of years or something.

    • After almost 2 years it’s still going strong, no sign of any wear and tear. Definitely a good buy.

  • As I already told you, the new blog design is great and I love it!! You did a fantastic job!! Be strong with the PhD, I wish to you all the best in any new beginnings. The dress is gorgeous. 🙂 xo