10 things that make me happy: 11│2017
+ Giveaway

November has been one of the most productive and stressful months of 2017. To cope with the stress I found watercolors. I remembered all I knew about techniques and color theory and ended up making a watercolor calendar for 2018. You can download the files from my Etsy shop and print it at home, if you like. Or you can win them at a giveaway running on my Instagram, ending Friday December 1st.

In other news, in November I rediscovered my love for cooking and for bold eyeliner. There has been bread, cakes and a different dinner every night, and there was fancy eye make up every morning, to camouflage that I spent more than 12 hours a day in front of my computer screen, reading articles and writing my thesis. There has also been a lot of reading. This month I read “Testosterone Rex” by Cordelia Fine, “A little life” by Hanya Yanagihara and “Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine” by Gail Honeyman. There will be a short review of all the books I read in 2017 in early January, so stay tuned for that. Without further ado, here’s my November list.

– My new neighbor (who so kindly requested to be featured in this list)

Bobby Brown’s gel eyeliner, along with a 210 MAC brush

– An empty page in my watercolor pad ready for me to fill with drawings

– Good hair days

– That I decided to stop using an alarm clock for the rest of the year

– Relax at the pool overlooking the fjord in the Trondheim

– Run in really cold days (go figure)

– That I lasted from end of August til the middle of November without a bus card

– Realize how many wonderful people I’ve met through this blog

– Stay on schedule and for once finish a task before the deadline

What were you November happy things?

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