31 Things to do in December


  1. Take a selfie under string lights
  2. Print out my watercolor calendar for 2018
  3. Wear winged eyeliner on every occasion
  4. Listen to Michael Buble’s songs
  5. Send handmade cards
  6. Enjoy a festive brunch
  7. Treat myself to a sparkling manicure
  8. Think about my new year’s resolutions for 2017 and consider some new ones for 2018
  9. Drink Nespresso’s Christmas edition coffee
  10. Cook pancakes with candied bacon
  11. Organize a dinner party
  12. Write my PhD thesis in Stavros Niarchos foundation library (non-negotiable)
  13. Meet my new nephew for the first time and fellow Greek bloggers
  14. Visit a museum or an exhibition (I’m craving art!)
  15. Celebrate with my family
  16. Discover new places to eat out
  17. Read Jo NesbΓΈ crime novels
  18. Watch “the killing of a sacred deer
  19. Sit by the fireplace, watch festive YouTube videos and eat chestnuts
  20. Hope for snow and when it comes, make a snow angel
  21. Smell like Hypnose by Lancome (again after so many years)
  22. Eat a fancy three-course Christmas dinner
  23. Bake gingerbread cookies (any good recipe?)
  24. Plan Christmas party outfits
  25. Gift an experience to some special
  26. Dance to Christmas workout playlist (half Greek, half pop)
  27. Get inspired by other people’s decorations
  28. Go to the theater (I’ve missed it so much!)
  29. Declutter after reading Mari Kondo’s book about the art of tidying up
  30. Indulge in chocolate covered peanuts and dried cranberries
  31. Feel ready for a new year, the one I become 30!

ps. That’s what’s in my very personal December list. What’s in yours?