99 photography prompts for winter + GIVEAWAY

When I first moved to Norway, I learned that for the first 24 years of my life I had it all wrong. Turns out, in Athens, winter lasts at most a week. Because winter is the season that the temperature drops below zero and stays there. In Norway, I was lucky to experience some true winters with snow and cold, where the use of mittens and wool scarfs is necessary. When it comes to winter photography, I’ve faced a big challenge. The days last as little as four hours. People don’t realize that during the Norwegian winter, the sun doesn’t get up in the sky, but rather stays low in the horizon through the day. It’s a new definition for a sunny day, that makes photography difficult. I’ve had to get better at taking photos at dusk or without natural light. Most of them have a dreamy feeling and a winter softness. When I started my daily photography project, I confided in the friend who got me into it that I wasn’t sure how I would be able to keep it up during the winter.

But here I am, 170 days into it and counting. The photos I took this autumn and winter are my favorite ones. Maybe you’re scared as I was, or maybe you’re short of ideas, but that shouldn’t keep you from joining in the fun daily photography challenge. January 1st is a good day to start, or maybe today? Whether you live in a place with true or mild winter, I’ve got you covered with 99 photography prompts to keep you inspired! Pick up the camera already!

To make things even better, my friend Marianthi from Blurpixels and I are giving away 100$ in Amazon to help your photography project (or whatever project you may have going on right now). Check our Instagram post for the details and take part for a chance to win.

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ps. 99 photography prompts for autumn?