Organizing for your lifestyle: a book review and giveaway

I consider myself organized, but I can see there could be room for improvement or optimization of my organizing routines. There is always room for some organization. So when “Organizing for my lifestyle” by Jane Stoller came to my post box, I couldn’t wait to read it.

Although I prefer to spend my Saturday nights organizing than partying, just like Jane (the author), I still can’t find my stuff sometimes. The book begins with a quiz that confirms my thoughts. I’m mostly organized, but there are things I can do better at. On the following chapter, the author states all the reasons why we should get organized in the first place and the scientific research that proves her point. Then, each chapter focuses on a specific room in the house or apartment: closet, bathroom, kitchen and storage room, while there is a separate chapter for traveling and another one for books. The overall idea of the book is that organizing should follow your lifestyle. I find refreshing that this book doesn’t force an extra minimalist lifestyle on the reader to be organized. The author seems to be living with an OK amount of stuff, no more that her apartment can fit, but not only the bare essentials either. Even though I don’t have her lifestyle and I couldn’t care less about designer bags and shoes, I found the reading extremely helpful as I’m about to move across Europe again, into a new house.

Travel ideas I took away
Always have your carry on essentials pre-packed (that includes an extra phone charger that stays in the suitcase – how hadn’t I thought of that?!) and make sure you replace what you used when you get back home.
Get a file organizer to store receipts from your trips, so you can sort them out on the ride home.
– When you’re done unpacking from your trip, move on to editing and printing the photos you took and write your travel journal.

Needless to say, the afternoon I finished the book, I skipped my workout and emptied the storage room from things I’d been hoarding for the past 5 years. 10 bags of trash and donations later, I felt really good.

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  • jane

    Thanks for the review and it always make me smile when organizing makes someone feel good!

    • It’s a great book! Thank you for the opportunity to review it. It was actually my introduction to organizing books. I have all the books you mentioned in my list now. Addicted!

  • It seems like a great inspiration Joanna!! This could be a great fresh start for the New Year!! 🙂

    • I spent the last day of 2017 organizing my clothes and random things in my bedroom. It feels so good now. 🙂