(Frequently) Asked Questions

My camera gearA Canon 6D and two lenses, a Canon 50mm f/1.4 and Canon 28-105mm for f/3.5-4.5. I also have an iPhone SE.

My job

I’m doing a PhD in medical technology.

My book

In 2017, I’m reading George Orwell when it comes to essays and literature. When it comes to popular science, I’m enjoying everything from Georgios Grammatikakis. Here’s what I read in 2016.

My dream trip

A road trip across USA.

My lipstick

The one thing I wear on the days that I wear absolutely no make up, a bright lipstick. My favourite one is So Chaud from MAC.

My gift

Two tiny pendants that are a gift from my mother and I never (EVER) take off.

How do I relax?

Yoga, running and a good book. Here’s my night routine.

My house obsession

Two HAY pepper mills in coral and golden-yellow. They make me happy on a day-to-day basis.

Guilty pleasure


My cookieAlmond-flavoured Italian biscotti to enjoy with my cappuccino or cup of tea.

My tune

My taste in music is everywhere. One day it’s Nina Simone, the next Mylene Farmer, a week later Major Lazer.


I’m a huge fan of romantic movies. Love me if you dare, Notting Hill, Sliding doors.

Vegetarian or omnivore?

I’m an omnivore and I won’t become a vegetarian or vegan any time soon. Here’s why.

My religion

I’m not part of any religion. I don’t believe in any form of god and I identify as an atheist.

My board game

7 wonders

Heels or sneakers?


Why Another House Blog?

Because I was planning to have just another blog writing about houses and decor. Then it became of bit of lifestyle, traveling, photography, recipes…