Another House List

Here’s a list of the things I want to accomplish sooner or later in my life. I created this list to keep me motivated to try new things and experiences, but also to remind myself that there’s plenty of inspiring ideas to start working on when I feel bored or uninspired. It’s not complete yet, here are just the first few entries. I plan to add things as I go, so I don’t think that I’ll ever finish. Also, there is no time restriction and I will do things whenever I feel like it and have the necessary free time to do so. All my entries don’t require the same amount of time nor skills to complete them. Some of them are just plain fun. Here’s hoping I get inspired and inspire you too along the way…

  1. Visit 5 museums I’ve never been to before: Acropolis museum, The Folk Museum in Oslo, The National Gallery in Oslo, Museum of Architecture in Oslo, Museum of Contemporary Art in Oslo, Astrup Fearnley Museum in Oslo, Munch Museum in Oslo
  2. Go skiing
  3. Go ice skating
  4. Paint something
  5. Live a true Norwegian experience: A trip to the mountains.
  6. Go sailing
  7. See the Northern Lights
  8. Learn how to sew
  9. Run a 5K
  10. Make a movie
  11. Run a 10K
  12. Go for a bike ride with my friends
  13. Find my favorite lipstick shade
  14. Stop biting my nails
  15. Get a tattoo
  16. Make a stop-motion video
  17. Eat a new-to-me ice-cream flavour
  18. Fire a gun at a shooting range
  19. Learn how to ski
  20. Run a half-marathon
  21. Confess my feelings to someone
  22. Run a color run
  23. Learn how to ice skate
  24. Take a hot air balloon ride
  25. Cook through a cookbook
  26. Go horse riding
  27. Surprise someone
  28. Do something for someone who will never find out
  29. Learn how to dance Tango Argentino
  30. Go snowmobiling
  31. Find my favorite wine
  32. Learn how to make a chic chignon
  33. Learn how to shoot and post-process in RAW mode
  34. Learn how to pick a lock
  35. Find an every day make up routine
  36. Learn Java
  37. Buy an Hermes scarf
  38. Learn how to water-ski
  39. Make a time-lapse video
  40. Visit every continent
  41. Become a yoga instructor
  42. Flirt like in a specific romantic movie scene
  43. Throw a surprise party
  44. Audition for a movie or a theatrical play
  45. Take a pole dancing class
  46. Drive Route 66
  47. Visit all Greek islands
  48. Bake a rainbow cake
  49. Get a massage at a spa
  50. Learn how to tie a tie
  51. Become a regular somewhere
  52. Eat vegan for a month
  53. Help someone cross an item off of their life list
  54. Sew a dress
  55. Learn to braid my hair
  56. Learn self defense
  57. Take a massage class
  58. Do two pull ups
  59. Get a Phd
  60. Learn how to not listen to the noise (what other people say)
  61. Finally finish the cryptography classes
  62. Write a book
  63. Find something I’m passionate about and make YouTube videos about it
  64. Learn how to draw simple things
  65. Excell at speach giving/presenting/public speaking
  66. Adopt a child