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My colorful chevron desktop wallpaper

You know how a bright and happy desktop wallpaper can make your day? It works for me! So I made a colorful chevron wallpaper for my computer and thought you might like it too. Here it is. You can download it by clicking on the image. If you’re in the mood for something more simple, […]

2012 Calendar

It’s this time of the year again, when you need a new calendar. Well, this year I decided to make my own calendar. It’s nothing too fancy. I decided to honor my travels from the past year, so all the photos are from the places I’ve been during 2011. More specifically, it’s Trondheim, New York, Munich, Serifos, […]

The painted stool

During my last trip to Ikea I bought the Bekvam step stool. From the moment I bought it, I decided I should paint it. A quick google search of “paint ikea bekvam” will hook you up with some great inspirational pictures as to where you could go with painting it. But I had some leftover […]

How to make a book dust jacket

Yesterday, I promised you a tutorial. So here it is. But first, here’s a preview. I used some white adhesive paper that I bought for this project and some simple white paper. For the smaller book, I just took a paper from my printer which was really easy to cut straight. The bigger book required […]

Mini makeover: Covering books

A week ago I happened to see this old post from Chez Larsson about covering books and thought I should give a try. I hide all my dictionaries in a basket at my bookcase. Just because they’re so not presentable. Some of them are almost falling apart. Most of them are not so precious, so […]

Velcro plus frame

…equals love! I’ve been meaning to add some color to the back of my bookcase for a long long time, but I kept postponing it for the last few months till I decided I was not going to go for it. At least not without trying another solution that got to me. Want to see […]

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