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Dance with me

Last month I told you about a side table I am going to paint. That reminds me that you haven’t actually seen it. So there it goes in all its glory. As you can see it’s clearly old and it has a lot of scratches on top. Well this weekend I’m totally on it. The […]

Let’s style it

In my home office I have a built-in bookcase as you can see above. I guess I like how it turned out, but I still need to find a nice color or wallpaper for the back and something to display on the top selves. I can’t put anything I use on a regular base up […]

A different calendar

After two weeks of exhausting exams I am back on my blog with too many things that wait to be posted. So I’ll start right away.. Let me tell you something about myself. I am not a calendar person. I have too many unused calendars simply because I like to make lists of the thins […]

How to diy a patterned mousepad?

After seeing it all over the Internet I decided it was time I went for a patterned mousepad. I had some leftover fabric from a pillowcase I made sometime ago. The fabric is from Ikea under the name “MAJKEN” and you can still buy it for $8 per yard. What did I use?: a pair […]

My cozy home office

Remember last week when I blogged about my beloved white sheepskin and then I showed you a pic of my bedroom? Let me refresh your memory… Parenthesis. That’s it! If you think it’s empty then I have to explain myself. You see I used to have some books on my nightstand, but it required a […]

White sheep

A long long time ago, when I moved in my current house, I decided that my feet no longer needed to hit the cold floor on the side of my bed every morning. I needed something warm and fluffy to make the transition easier for me. That’s why I chose to buy a sheepskin. Since […]

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