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Let’s style it

In my home office I have a built-in bookcase as you can see above. I guess I like how it turned out, but I still need to find a nice color or wallpaper for the back and something to display on the top selves. I can’t put anything I use on a regular base up […]

A different calendar

After two weeks of exhausting exams I am back on my blog with too many things that wait to be posted. So I’ll start right away.. Let me tell you something about myself. I am not a calendar person. I have too many unused calendars simply because I like to make lists of the thins […]

How to diy a patterned mousepad?

After seeing it all over the Internet I decided it was time I went for a patterned mousepad. I had some leftover fabric from a pillowcase I made sometime ago. The fabric is from Ikea under the name “MAJKEN” and you can still buy it for $8 per yard. What did I use?: a pair […]

My cozy home office

Remember last week when I blogged about my beloved white sheepskin and then I showed you a pic of my bedroom? Let me refresh your memory… Parenthesis. That’s it! If you think it’s empty then I have to explain myself. You see I used to have some books on my nightstand, but it required a […]

White sheep

A long long time ago, when I moved in my current house, I decided that my feet no longer needed to hit the cold floor on the side of my bed every morning. I needed something warm and fluffy to make the transition easier for me. That’s why I chose to buy a sheepskin. Since […]

Little makeover: The rocking chair

We have two rocking chairs in the house, that officially belonged to my grandmother. The condition of the wood is good so we chose not to do anything with it at this point. On the other hand the cushions were screaming change. They were old and used. So we upgraded them from this: this: […]

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