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Little makeover: The rocking chair

We have two rocking chairs in the house, that officially belonged to my grandmother. The condition of the wood is good so we chose not to do anything with it at this point. On the other hand the cushions were screaming change. They were old and used. So we upgraded them from this: this: […]

Before and after: The home office drawer

During the weekend and 2 weeks before exams start I took a nice little project in order to take my mind off of studying. Well it was successful at the moment, but now I need to go make the dishes and dust the living room to kill the stress.. But lets get back to the […]

The wardrobe challenge

UPDATE: This challenge ended and I purged some of my clothes that were torn or I didn’t like, but overall I don’t think it worked for me. From now on I’ll stick to my usual spring and autumn cleaning of the closet. It’s more effective and simpler. I’m not a fan of New Year Resolutions. […]

My favorite spot

Remember the other time that I told you about an Ikea contest? Well there is something I didn’t tell you back then. I took part in this contest too. And this was my submission (slightly altered by Photoshop). Drum-roll please… If someone asked me which room of my house I like the most, I would […]

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