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In his kitchen: 06.28.2011

When in Serifos, the Boyfriend made me dinner. Yes, he was the one to make dinner and I was the one to make breakfast. You’ll think that breakfast is easier (yes, it is!), but look before you speak! Anyway, back to the point. The Boyfriend made spaghetti with zucchini and he did it well.  This […]

In my kitchen: 06.22.2011

I’m a huge fan of recipes with few ingredients. They tend to be the easier recipes. So when I found this recipe for light chocolate cake with only 4 ingredients, I put on my apron and got straight to business. You will need: 400gr. couverture chocolate 150 gr. milk 200 gr. yogurt digestive biscuits. Preparation: […]

In my kitchen: 06.15.2011

Lately, there’s been a lot of cooking and a lot of studying. Today we’ll talk about cooking, cause I’m not dying to talk about studying. As the boyfriend learns how to cook, I’m trying to take advantage of all the things he’s learned. This time he teached me carbonara. This was his recipe. You’ll need: […]

In my kitchen: 06.09.2011

I haven’t cooked for a long time. Just look at my last cooking post. It’s been months. Well this changed. I woke up yesterday and decided I want to make some homemade granola for the boyfriend. So I went “Chez Larsson” and followed the instructions. Not to the letter. Cause I couldn’t find half of […]

In my kitchen: 01.17.2010

Sometime this weekend I visited a friend of mine. You know the friend with the new house, the one I made a moodboard for*? That’s the one I visited! And we made dinner. Noticed the plural? Yes, I said “we”, because I did some things too. So technically, it was not in my kitchen and […]

In my kitchen

Although I like cooking, I am not talented at all. I suck at it. I can honestly mess up the easiest recipe. But from time to time I like to give it a shot. Someday with a lot of practice I may gain some experience and get better at it. So last night I honored […]

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