Minimalism Challenge Day 20:
No TV all day, read instead


I don’t own a TV, but let’s curve that YouTube habit.

The Intro

I do like to watch YouTube videos, maybe to an extend that is not healthy and it takes away some hours of my day I could be more productive doing something else. Apart from unfollowing (which doesn’t really help at all, because I check videos from people I don’t follow), I also decided to stop watching videos for a day.

The Rules

  1. Absolutely no YouTube for this lady (me!).
  2. No series.
  3. No movies and basically no moving pictures. Nada. Nothing at all.

The Results

YouTube is the first thing I do when I sit down to eat breakfast. Well, since I couldn’t do that on Day 1, I sat down and started drafting this post, which is way more productive. I had a couple of temptations during my lunch break, but I wrote “No TV all day!” on a post it and that helped me remember that I am actually restricting myself. I called my mother during lunch, btw, which also was way more productive. By the time I got home, I was completely bored. Food takes so much longer to be ready when I am not distracted with stupid videos. I texted, I called, I talked, I read, eventually I started cleaning. Later that day, I was ready to break and start fresh tomorrow, but somehow I held myself and didn’t. I also went to bed quite early. Switching off was so much easier.

The Conclusion

I noticed I was more productive, but also that my day was ridiculously more quiet. Maybe I should have a couple of TV/YouTube free days a week?

Hugs and kisses,


Minimalism Challenge Day 19:
Go for a walk and practice mindfulness


For the past few months, I’ve been taking the time (it actually doesn’t take that much longer) to walk to work and back, every morning and afternoon. It takes me 20-25 minutes each way and it saves me a crazy amount of money. Each morning, I spend that time to empty my mind, relax and get mentally ready for a new day. Each afternoon, I take a different route depending on the weather and I may go shopping or grab a coffee on my own depending on my mood. On top of that, I am a regular runner. I go out 2-3 times a week and spend a good hour on my own running with my music and my thoughts. I took this opportunity on day 19 to spend some extra time on my way home from work, went totally out of my route and cleared my mind completely. I walk by a neighbourhood I never visit, filled with old houses, it was raining, I was alone and had a bittersweet feeling. I could use some new routes on my daily commute.

Hugs and kisses,


Minimalism Challenge Day 18:
Unfollow and unfriend


This day was all about Facebook for me. I use Facebook as a tool for my blog, but lately I’ve started hating it. There’s a huge part of it that is so fake and such a time waster. I’ve thought about deleting my account more than once, but since I live in Norway, so far away from my best friends (one lives in Canada and the other one in Greece), Facebook makes it easier to keep in touch every day. Over the years I kept adding people that I don’t necessarily want to keep in touch (I try to add only people I know personally), so it was time for a clean up. If I didn’t feel comfortable sending someone a personal message, it was time to unfriend. I ended up with about 30% less people in my friend list and it feels so much better. I’ll go through my list of friends from time to time to make sure that I only have the people I want to keep in touch with in there. What are your thoughts on Facebook?

Hugs and kisses,


Minimalism Challenge Day 17:
Practice single-tasking


So lately I’ve been dividing my time using the 45-15 rule. 45 minutes of doing work and 15 minutes of doing something else. In my case, something else may be writing blog posts, cleaning the house, working on my abs, etc. This rule is making extremely focused and productive, because I’m working on one task at a time and mixing in the tasks, so that I do both what I want to do (I really enjoy cleaning the house and working out, way more that doing actual work) and this is a nice way to keep things interesting. You can’t image how many things get done in one day this way. Single-tasking in time blocks is the new multi-tasking. Also, no music and no distractions!

Hugs and kisses,


Minimalism Challenge Day 16:
Don’t buy anything for 24 hours


Confession: I am a compulsive buyer. My guilt buys are usually lipsticks in fun colours. I do wear them every day, so that makes things easier, but how many do I really need? Not more than I own, that’s for sure.

Most of the days I don’t buy anything. I mean anything other than food. I shop most of the days for food, according to my weekly plan, so that I have minimal waste. However, when I’m feeling down or unhappy or when I am preoccupied with serious thoughts, I tend to drop by the MAC store on the way home. And I swatch things. And I already have way more than I need, but this blush is so amazing and I need it in my life. Oh, it would make me so much happier. Except, it won’t and I know it. So I had to stop this.

The new rule is: when you really want something, wait two weeks, then buy it.

Exceptions from the rule: Make up. I won’t be buying any. I’ve talked about that on Day 9.

Hugs and kisses,


ps. That MAC liquid highlighter from the future collection is so stunning and the blushes, ohhhh, it pains me. 


Minimalism Challenge Day 15:
Examine your daily habits


For day 15, I made a little brain map. I’m quite happy with my daily habits. But I’d like to add going to bed early and drink enough water to the mix. And maybe remove my coffee drinking habit again? Too hard…


What are you daily routines?

Hugs and kisses,


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