The Best Home Project Store in the World?

Yesterday night while browsing some of my favorite site (see the blogroll on the side?), I saw this post over Appartment Therapy. Reading the title brought no memories to me, but then I saw the photo below and it suddenly hit me. I’ve been there too.

It’s the Bazar de l’Hôtel de Ville. It’s located on the Rue de Rivoli at Paris. And I’ve been at the exact same place almost a year ago while on vacation with the Boyfriend. As a matter of fact, here is the picture the Boyfriend took of me..


The thing is that up until yesterday I had no clue that BHV is “The Best Home Project Store in the World”. So during my stay there I was passing by it almost every day without entering! And now I regret it! (Note to the Boyfriend: We need to schedule a trip to Paris immediately!) Just look at all the things that I failed to see in person, all the lost opportunities!

If you want to see more here is the link to the original post.

Off to book some air-tickets to Paris fall into depression.

* All images apart from the one I’m in are from Appartment Therapy.


The dates The Boyfriend and I have basically consist of movie watching, pop corn eating and couch snuggling. But there are some exceptions to that rule. Sometimes when the weather is perfect and we’re both free, we go for a walk and that is the time where I take his* camera out to snap some photos of the things that I find interesting. In this case the rock house.


See the house and the rock? I think they are so beautifully tied together. It’s so nice that they incorporated the rock into the house. So inspiring. But the rock is not the only interesting thing about this house. Check out the view.


What do you think? I could move there today.

Before and after: The home office drawer

During the weekend and 2 weeks before exams start I took a nice little project in order to take my mind off of studying. Well it was successful at the moment, but now I need to go make the dishes and dust the living room to kill the stress.. But lets get back to the project. First of all, do you remember my office? Let me refresh your memory…


Notice how tidy it looks in this photo. Well tidy on the outside, because inside the drawers it’s a whole other story. Take a look…(Don’t mind the photoshop. I thought that the info written on the CD was a tad more personal than I’m wishing to post on this blog.)


So when my mother got home last Saturday morning with three plastic containers (she originally bought them for storing her socks) scored on sales in Leroy Merlin I took the opportunity to reorganize my office drawer. I took everything out and tried to fit all the small stuff in two containers. The first one holds my tech stuff (unused USB, batteries etc.) and the second one the things I can adhere with. You see I kept this weird theme while organizing.


But then I thought I could use a third container to store my paper related things so that every single item has its own place. I took some things from other drawers too, that desperately needed a permanent place to live. So that’s my drawer after the little makeover.


As you can see, I need some organizing from time to time and I choose the exam periods to do so. It’s the time of the year where I’m under so much stress and it seems that cleaning and organizing projects make me feel more relaxed. Weird, right?

Letting go

Some days ago I cleaned up my wishlist bookmarks. It was so needed. I had too many of them and I could no longer use them. During my clean up I came across this Apartment Therapy link or if you prefer this photo.


As you can see, it’s hopeless to wish for something like that. Although my dad knows how to create a concrete slide*, he was not thrilled at all when I showed him this photo. He actually told me that I am late and that I should have asked for it at least 15 years earlier. But even then I wouldn’t stand a chance. So I had to let go of it.. And I had to post about it on my blog because that way I won’t forget about it**. What do you think? Am I crazy for dreaming of a concrete slide in my house?

* He’s a civil engineer.

** I still hope he may change his mind eventually.

The city I live in

There’s nothing I can say about Athens that someone hasn’t said before or in a better way. Just two photos of the city. Enjoy!




Some days ago I was cleaning my bookmarks and I came across with the Wishlist folder where I keep some links that caught my eye for whatever reason. Truth be told, it was the first time that I ever cleaned it so you bet that there were some pretty old stuff in there. While I deleted the outdated links and some things that don’t appeal to me anymore, I found some that I still wish to have. These were the items that made it into the list and below them you can read why.


Sources: “Hembakat är Bäst” (Homemade is Best) Cookbook, Ikea,Nikon D3000, Cartoon rug by Dan Golden, Late Night Serenade by Pascal Campion, Farmers Egg Crate, Antropologie, Citywalks of Paris and New York from Chronicle Books, Jorun rug from Ikea.

Ikea Cookbook: I am probably never set a hand on a copy of this book, since it was sold for a limited time only in Sweden. And let’s be realistic. Even if somehow I got a copy, I could never understand a word of it. Nevertheless, there’s always hope and there’s always Ebay.

DSLR: As for the camera, I am so ashamed to admit that for the last two years, I am borrowing (or should I say I am keeping against his will) my Boyfriend point-and-shoot camera. Don’t get me wrong. The problem is not that the camera belongs to my Boyfriend, rather than the camera itself. It doesn’t take nice pictures and has no settings at all*. Now if The Boyfriend had a better camera, that would be the case.

Dan Golden’s rug: Seriously. It’s. The. Best. Rug. Ever. Colorful and funny. I could buy the whole line though by fear of getting bored of it.

Pascal Campion’s Illustration: His illustrations remind me of some books I read when I was little. They are adorable. All of them.

Egg Crate: I saw it there and loved it right away.

NY & Paris Citywalks: I get to travel a lot and I would love to have a selection of citywalks on hand for every city I visit. Cause I’m lazy like that and I never read my travel guides.

Jorun rug: I have many old rugs**, and I wish to update some. This one is a very nice solution. It fits the colors of the house and I has nice pattern.

So that’s all for now. Maybe you think that there are not many things in my list, but I tried to keep to the point and not throw in things that I am not sure I want to have. But what about you? Do you ever clean up your bookmarks or do you add till you can add no more?

* I’m sorry, but it’s true.

** Thanks, mom!

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