White sheep

A long long time ago, when I moved in my current house, I decided that my feet no longer needed to hit the cold floor on the side of my bed every morning. I needed something warm and fluffy to make the transition easier for me. That’s why I chose to buy a sheepskin. Since I had no hesitation to buy a real one, the famous Ikea sheepskin was a no-brainer for me. So I got it. Admire for a moment…

Now fast forward to a year later… Since the sheepskin was laying on the floor and I stepped on it for something like a year most of the time without my shoes and sometimes with my shoes on, I decided it needed a nice cleanup. I followed the directions that I found on the back of the sheepskin and got to work.


And then I let it dry on its own. And then I let it dry some more. And it dried to that…



As for the big picture…


It’s curly! Should I straighten it with the hot iron I use for my hair? Should I toss it and buy a usual rug? Should I love it for what it became? I don’t know. What do you say? Curly or straight?

If only I had a miter saw

(and some experience)…all the things I could do!

See the thing is I spend a lot of time reading design blogs and sites and I get inspired by them. So inspired that I want to create right then and there. I want to make beds and console tables and desks and build everything that can be built. Cause I’m impulsive like that these people have some amazing ideas.


I’m dying to built a coffee table like this one that they built chez Larsson with casters and all. It seems quite difficult for the moment, since I have no experience. Just click here and read how they built it. Not in a million years will I be able to make anything like that.


This office seems easier than the coffee table thanks to the absence of curves . It could be the perfect home office for me with plenty of space for my printer and all the books that I use everyday. And as a bonus you can find the plans here along with many many other plans.


And last but not least, this coffee table (casters again!) could easily make its way into my living room if I ever build it. But definitely not in lime.*

All in all, I have big plans for the future! Dad could you get me a miter saw for my birthday?

* Yeah, if you guessed glossy white you’re right!

Ha, I’ve been there too!

Remember last week when I was devastated because I failed to visit The Best Home Project Store in the world, during my stay in Paris? Well, this week Apartment Therapy featured another Parisian store. And it was a hit, because I went there twice: the first time last March (during the trip with The Boyfriend) and the second time last August (during another trip)*. Enjoy “Home Autour du Monde” store..**
Paris store
This one was so bold that I couldn’t miss it. Plus it was in a walking distance from the hotel that I stayed in. Oh, Marais…

ps.  Sadly no photo evidence this time. The picture is from Apartment Therapy, where you can find many other views of the store too.

* Yes, I went to Paris twice in a year!

** Happy dance! Happy dance! Happy dance!

Carribean Blue Water

I have a side table that I hate so much. My father used it as a bedside table when he was at the university long before I even existed and my mother refuges to let go of it. It looks so poor and used, that I considered trashing it. But my mother said no. So I offered to paint it, but I couldn’t find a hue that I liked for it. That was until I saw this picture:


Since I found this picture at a blog called Little Green Notebook, I am so excited to get the painting-the-side-table project going. The paint in the picture above is a Behr color, called Billiards Table. I tried to find a similar looking one judging from the picture and I came up with Carribean Blue Water from Benjamin Moore.


Considering that this will be my first attempt of painting anything, the color -if wrong, might not be the only downside. Remember that if anything goes wrong, I will have a nice excuse to throw this ugly side table in the trash. Hehe always look on the bright side of life.

Little makeover: The rocking chair

We have two rocking chairs in the house, that officially belonged to my grandmother. The condition of the wood is good so we chose not to do anything with it at this point. On the other hand the cushions were screaming change. They were old and used. So we upgraded them from this:


..to this:


The color is nice and the fabric is way more durable than the previous one. This will probably be the fabric of the sofas in the living room if we chose to give them a little makeover too (hint! hint!).

ps. I really enjoy Before and After photos. Even if they’re mine!

The Best Home Project Store in the World?

Yesterday night while browsing some of my favorite site (see the blogroll on the side?), I saw this post over Appartment Therapy. Reading the title brought no memories to me, but then I saw the photo below and it suddenly hit me. I’ve been there too.

It’s the Bazar de l’Hôtel de Ville. It’s located on the Rue de Rivoli at Paris. And I’ve been at the exact same place almost a year ago while on vacation with the Boyfriend. As a matter of fact, here is the picture the Boyfriend took of me..


The thing is that up until yesterday I had no clue that BHV is “The Best Home Project Store in the World”. So during my stay there I was passing by it almost every day without entering! And now I regret it! (Note to the Boyfriend: We need to schedule a trip to Paris immediately!) Just look at all the things that I failed to see in person, all the lost opportunities!

If you want to see more here is the link to the original post.

Off to book some air-tickets to Paris fall into depression.

* All images apart from the one I’m in are from Appartment Therapy.

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