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Remember the other time that I told you about an Ikea contest? Well there is something I didn’t tell you back then. I took part in this contest too. And this was my submission (slightly altered by Photoshop). Drum-roll please…


If someone asked me which room of my house I like the most, I would most certainly answer that it’s the home office. It totally gives you a taste of my style. This is why I submitted it to the contest, although it didn’t make it through the finalists. And now it’s your turn. Which is your favorite room of your house and why?

That’s two in a weekend..

Last weekend we (me and The Boyfriend) went to the country, visited a super elegant house and stayed there the whole time/couldn’t move from the couch. Well the last part is not true since we got in the car and drove to a nearby village, the village of Arachova to get some coffee. Guess what caught my eye. It was easy. The coffee shop. And here is why.


If it’s industrial, I fall in love with it. If it’s black, the same. Look at the light fixture and the chairs and the ceiling and the stairs! If only I could live in there.. It has coffee and good design. It’s paradise. But lets move on to the next photo.


And for a closer look. It’s an old door and it’s making this table unique. I’m smelling diy…


I don’t know if they light all these candles when it’s dark outside, but if they do it must be very romantic.


Look at the color of the cabinets. If I ever get a black kitchen, this is the color I am painting them.


All in all, I couldn’t find something to hate in there. So that bring us to our score: 2 places that I loved in 1 weekend. That’s rare… What do you think?

The country house

Happy New Year! I am back from my little road trip to some Greek mountains and full of inspiration! If you ever come to Greece I am sure you will visit an island, but what you don’t know (unless you do) is that Greece has some lovely mountains too. Well not so snowy this year, but still lovely.

A friend invited me (and The Boyfriend) at his country house this weekend and I couldn’t miss the opportunity to snag a photo of his amazing house. Seriously I was so obsessed with it, but not without a reason. Take a look!






Before this trip I was not a lover of the french country style, but now I think I am changing little by little. I blame the cozy feeling, the dreamy mountain background (trees and all) and the fire. Oh, the fire!

What about you? Anyone else not fan of the french country style?

My first moodboard

Although I am new to blogging, I have been reading house related blog for quite some time. (I will make a blogroll when I have some free time.) So when one of my best friend bought a house four months ago and asked me to help her, I got into business immediately. She gave me a tiny bedroom that had to multitask as an office for her and I gave her back a moodboard.


Colors: My friend specifically asked me to incorporate a bright yellow wall in her bedroom. With that in mind i chose  Silver Lining from Benjamin Moore for the all the walls besides the one behind her bed and Bright Yellow from Benjamin Moore for the wall behind the bed. So that’s three walls in a gray/white tone and an accent wall.

Bed Frame: The bed frame is from a Greek company called Neoset and it’s a model called Domus (can’t find the link for that). What I like about it is that it has plenty of space for storage bins and it has really simple lines.  Also the mattress “sits” on the bed frame, which means that she can make her bed easier every day (she is lazy like that!). It actually is not so expensive (around 300 euros I think).

Desk & Chair: As for desk i searched for something that featured the same simple lines with the bed frame and quite narrow so that her bed and desk could coexist in the room without making it feel too crowded. When I found the TANNA desk over Habitat, I thought it was the perfect one for her space. Even the tone of the wood was perfect. Exactly what I had in mind. The chair that I put in the moodboard was just for inspiration. I show it in a catalog and though that it could work well with the overall feeling of the room. There are plenty of chairs like that in the market, so although I don’t remember where I found that exact one, you can find a similarly looking chair at stores like Habitat and BoConcept or even Ikea.

Curtains & Blinds: The AINA pair of curtains in bleached will make the ugly balcony door disappear as it will look like an extension of the wall (they are intentionally the same color). The little window can only benefit from LINDMON blinds in natural. I like blinds so much, I could add them to every window!

Lamp & Pendant: This BoConcept yellow lamp fits perfectly my color scheme and it looks industrial vintage. Bingo! The pendant light is a whole different story, because I can’t find it either on the internet. Luckily, it is just a simple pendant with a white shade. EDIT: The pendant is from BoConcept.

Rug: This is a pretty special rug. It’s a killer rug. It has black and gray stripes plus a bright yellow border (but you have to look close enough for that). I didn’t get so lucky with the rug. I know you won’t be surprised but I didn’t find it either. When I gave the moodboard to my friend it was there, but now it’s not! I should know better next time… EDIT: It was a BoConcept rug.

Storage: It is so difficult to find space for storage in such a small space and yet keep it looking simple and uncluttered. Since my friend is a student I advised her: “Throw all your books and live free!”. But she didn’t go for it. So I had to recommend that she buys some wall selves from Ikea. The simplest the better. As a matter of fact the one shown in the moodboard is found under the name LACK if you haven’t guessed that already.

Art: To make a room look finished you should always add some art. At that point some pops of a color other than the ones I have already used, aka. black-white-yellow, would make the difference. It’s pink and it’s flowery. What’s not to love? And it’s only 10 dollars. Take it or leave it. And finally, gotta keep track of time. This PUGG wall clock matches the yellow lamp and with that her bedroom will look more cohesive.

Hope you enjoyed it cause that’s all for now. Of course her room will not be finished with only these items, but these are some guidelines and I hope she found them useful. We ‘ll see what she will make of it later in January (or February)! How do you feel about it?

Note: This was the actual moodboard I gave to my friend and I wasn’t paid in any way for the products I chose to recommend to her.

It’s all about the contest!

Earlier this month Ikea Greece hosted a contest. Well the link is in Greek so let me explain. They asked their buyers to take a picture of Ikea products used in a special way. Without further ado, these were my favorites…

The black and white living room and bedroom with pops of red are such a great inspiration. So modern! See? That’s the art wall I want for my home too!


Love the zebra-rt and the chandelier! So much texture!


Wanna see a really cool bar? Easy peasy cool. Take the Ikea bookcase, some black-light, 4 wheels and there you have it!


UPDATE: Sadly this submission was not an original one, since you can see here that this bar belongs to a guy from Germany. Nevertheless, it’s still amazing!

Scrabble plus Romance equals… (Letters make the phrase “I love you” in Greek.)


And lastly, a funny wedding!


How do you feel about these submissions? Any favorites?

Note: All images are courtesy of Ikea Greece that hold the contest.

Lets get it started in here!

Fresh start, new blog!

Actually, this is my first blog. I will be blogging about house related stuff. So lets get it started in here!


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