Jamie’s avocado on toast: part 2

I’ve through a complete uninspired phase with my breakfasts lately. Half-marathon training makes me really hungry, especially in the morning, and while I was never eating toasts for breakfast, now I’m all over them. Today I’m going to share two more of my favorite avocado toasts (still cooking through Jamie’s 15 minute meals).

Avocado and egg

I can eat an egg on top of everything. Fried potatoes? Yes. Burger? Yes. Steak? Yes. So, of course I likes this toast. Avocado + egg  + toasted breast = match made in heaven. Will I make this again? Yes, yes, yes!


Avocado and smoked salmon

It’s very common to eat smoked salmon for breakfast in Scandinavia, but for me this was a no-no. I didn’t like the pairing with avocado either. I’d rather have it in a tortilla with cream cheese and watercress. Will I make this again? No.


Do you have any other ideas for open-faced sandwiches to share? I’m all ears!

Greek mountain trip

This Christmas we went to Pilio, which is a famous winter destination in Greece. 6 friends, one AirBnb house and luckily at least a tiny bit of snow and some really cold weather. The views from up there were amazing and we had a great time playing games, eating food, exchanging gifts (loved our secret Santa), walking in the cold, hugging each other and generally having fun. Exactly what we needed to end 2016 on a very positive note. Most of my non-Greek friends were very surprised to find out that we actually get snow in Greece. This Christmas was so cold and snowy, even in Athens. It was just beautiful. Oh, and we all have ski resorts! Maybe these photos will convince you to visit Greek mountains as well.

So, I learned how to ski

This Saturday, we drove all the way to Røros in search of a quiet alpine ski center. In Norway, we’re lucky enough to have good temperatures for skiing, but winters can be dry and without much snow. In Røros, the snow was in good condition and the slopes were mostly empty. While it’s not a big center and it doesn’t offer a wide variety of slopes to choose from, there was something nice about not having a ton of people around. In any case, I’m still a beginner, practicing slalom again and again and again, until I can control my skis. Next time, I’ll hit some nice slopes.

ps. A ski course (that I took last year) and buying my own skis were so worth it and made such a huge difference! Another item off my list!

Jamie’s avocado on toast: part 1

Another one from Jamie’s breakfast recipes. This time, it’s all about avocado toasts!


Avocado and crispy pancetta toast

Ever since having maple glazed bacon pancakes one morning for breakfast, anything including bacon is a top choice in his menu. So when I saw this avocado and crispy bacon toast, I knew I had to make it. I took the liberty of glazing the bacon once again, even though Jamie suggests leaving it plain crispy, but I knew that glazed bacon would be much much tastier. What I thought? I just loved it! Will I make it again? Yes.

Avocado and smoked ham toast

This is a well-balanced open-faced toast, with tomato, cheese, smoked ham and avocado. It is also one of the simplest toasts, nothing too extreme or special, but comfortable, something you feel good eating. Will I make it again? Yes, why not?

10 things that make me happy: 01│2017

January is almost gone and so are the first three weeks of my marathon training. I’ve done 13 out of the 39 runs of my preparation and it’s been fairly easy. Now comes the fun part, where I push my limits. This month I’ve been surprisingly relaxed and with a much more positive attitude. My PhD is at this point where I must do a lot of writing, which is something I enjoy. February will be a month of long runs and dressed up parties. I can’t wait!

This for amazing cappuccino at home

– Songs with weird fun lyrics that make sense (like this)

– My new projector, that makes watching movies so much more fun

– Make pancakes with bacon, cheddar and fried eggs on top

– Plan writing days

– Inbox zero

– Train for a race after 2,5 years (yes, it’s been a long time)

– Debug and optimize scripts

– Good hair days

– Bake cakes for my colleagues and my friends

How has the start of 2017 been for you?


A Monday list

What are you looking forward to this week?

It’s week 4 of 2016 and there’s a bunch of things I’m looking forwards to: eat sushi for dinner tonight, read this book (the first for 2017), wear my favorite red lipstick every single day, make a proper running playlist, try a new yoga class and some inspiring YouTube training videos, paint my nails a fun color so that I don’t bite them and get myself some fancy new boots (maybe).

What was the last blog you started reading?

Le Happy.

Will you be cooking something good this week?

I’m planing to make a recipe from the 30-something I’ve still to cook from Jamie’s 15 minute meals (cooking though a cookbook: 75% complete – yay!) and as many fancy salads as I can fit into a week. Here’s the delicious fish sandwich I cooked yesterday.

Say one thing you really want to do that you’ll take the time for this week!

I volunteered to make New Year’s cake to celebrate with my Greek friends in Trondheim. It’ll take me a big part of Thursday’s afternoon, but baking makes me really happy.

What is the word to hold on to this week?

. I’ve been going through a phase again, that I’m over-analysing everything. This week I want to focus on doing and being effective, instead of passively over-thinking things.

What did you do last night?

A friend came over and we baked this cake for her birthday. It’s the best apple cake you’ll ever have. Then, we watched Easy A on my new projector. Emma Stone is my favorite. Can’t wait to see La La Land.

A picture to symbolize this day↑

If there’s one thing that can lift away any dark thought, that’s cooking for someone else. That makes me so happy. Can you feel a pattern in this post. Life lately has been all about food.

 What did you have for breakfast today?

What I always have for breakfast when I’m home. That is a porridge with Jamie Oliver’s granola dust and a banana. I also had a cappuccino.

When do you wake up in the morning?

It all depends on the time I go to bed the previous night. This morning I wanted to go for a run, so I was up around 7.

What is your everyday look?

Lulu Lemon black leggings or my favorite Diesel jeans, a cheap H&M t-shirt and a wool cardigan or sweater on top. I’ve acquired quite a collection of cardigans and sweaters in many colors and I love every single one of them. I also wear my favorite Nike running shoes (that would be Lunarglide). I currently have 3 pairs, two black and a white one. When it comes to make up, I wear Clinique’s Line Smoothing concealer over Kiehl’s Ultra Facial cream. For blush I’m using Stila Convertible Color in Peony, that I apply with my fingers. I also dab a bit of MAC’s Groundwork paint pot on my eyelids and blend it with my fingers. I use a tiny bit of loose powder and whatever mascara I have on hand. If I’m in the mood for red lips, I go for Sephora Cream Lipstain in Always Red, otherwise I use Nuxe Reve de Miel. It takes me less than 10 minutes, but I look so much more polished.

ps. List found here.

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