Favorites: Tattoos

Since I got my tattoo, I talked about it with so many people and I got so many different reactions. Some thought I was being childish, some were worried that it’ll ruin my life and some wanted one but were so worried that they won’t love it or that they’ll get bored with it. Well, I don’t have a sleeve tattoo or something that covers half my body and I don’t have it for that long, but there’s one thing I can tell you. You shouldn’t be worried about getting bored with it. What you should really be worried about is wanting the next one the moment you step out of the tattoo parlor. Tattoos are addictive.

I’ve been wanting a second tattoo since maybe even before I got the first one. While I’m not ready to share what I have on my mind, here’s what on my tattoo inspiration moodboard.


If I wasn’t too coward, I’d actually get a colourful sleeve with flowers and birds, like this.


Or this.



It’s not a very timely post, as it’s -6 today in Trondheim and I can’t go around in a t-shirt or eat ice-cream (Norwegians do however no matter the weather), but I thought I’d share few photos from a place I visited back in May in Portugal. If you ever visit Porto, reserve half a day for Guimaraes. This place is beautiful. There is an old castle which you can visit for free and have wonderful views over the city. The centre of the town is full of all houses and squares. If the day is warm enough, why not enjoy an ice cream. Can you tell I was happy that day?
















10 things that made me happy: 10│2016



In October, I managed to sneak in a quick trip to Athens and it was the BEST DECISION EVER. There were some much needed sun-filled days spent with good friends, a bit of alcohol and the best sushi in the city (we’re talking Tokyo-level quality here). In other news, this has been a month of minimalism. I’ve been eating through my pantry, so that my stash doesn’t go bad and it’s been such a creative process. Now I’m left with only very few things that I have to eat up in November and after that I’ll be able to start fresh. I don’t plan to accumulate that much food again and it feels so good to just have what I want to eat. I also cleaned up my closet, did a bit of spendy shopping and now I’m at a very happy place with the clothes I own. Lastly, I’m working my way through my beauty stash, using up things before I buy anything new. I’ll be on a self imposed no-buy at least until I use up most of the things in my collection. Here’s what made me happy this month…

– Drink spritz in the sun

– Colder weather that requires some layering

– Eat at Sushimou and get drinks (well spritz again at By the glass)

– A dog watching a dog watching the ducks swimming in the river

– Spontaneous walks with my best friend in Athens

– Spicy sweet potato fries (my current favourite comfort food)

– Detailed work timetables

– The soundtrack of Amelie (the best music to study with, even after all these years)

Cashmere sweaters and leather jackets

– How chocolate can fix a bad day

I hope November is just as good. It’s already getting dark so early and the weather forecast predicts some subzero temperatures for later this week. I can’t wait for some snow and to read the stack of books that I keep on my side table while drinking hot chocolate. How was your month?

That fucking Greek summer #2

It’s almost November and I’ve already squeezed a quick trip to Athens, so it’s about time I share the last summer photos. This time it’s Kefalonia, an island I visit summer after summer. It’s like a second home to me and I always have a great time, however I’ve seen all there is to see, so this year I went with a list and a goal.

A short video

The Plan: be 100% satisfied from whatever I did.

There was a percentage of satisfaction attached to everything I did and while this is generally not a good approach to having fun (I assume that having low expectations makes it easier to meet them), it worked for me.

The list

– See something I haven’t seen before.
– Go clubbing.
– Visit a winery.
– Swim at most once a day.
– Organize a day trip to Ithaca.
– Swim in Myrtos.
– Do watersports.

I announced the list on the first day and ideas started flowing. What could we see that we hadn’t seen before? Well, here’s what new we managed to see:

– The theater in Lakithra (because it’s new)
– Kalon Oros plateau (because the proper road to Assos is closed)
– The castle in Assos (I don’t remember being there before, so I’ll count it as new to me.)
– Saristra music festival
– The beach in Pessada, the best one in Kefalonia, wine tasting in a winery in Pessada and the best low-key dinner afterwards
– Movie screening in a ferry-boat
– The building of the marching band
– Sunset at Xi beach
– Run on the old bridge of Argostoli

We didn’t make it to Ithaca or Myrtos and I didn’t do any watersports, but that’s quite alright. I was 100% satisfied with what we did and what we ate. Food was so good. It’s always great to be back!























Some more breakfast ideas

My second cooking book from Jamie Oliver, Everyday Superfood, has a huge section of breakfasts. I could eat something different every single day just by cooking through it. Being the creature of habit that I am, this thought makes me feel quite stressed. I tried some of them recently and I put them all in this post, just in case you’re in need for some breakfast inspiration. Did I mention how healthy and filling these breakfast options are? My favorite one is, of course, pancakes. I wouldn’t mind me some pancakes any day. Here you go…

Chia seed fruit pots

This is an overnight breakfast that can last you a few days. It’s completely up to you to find your favorite fruit combos and toppings. It’s also a great idea if you want your breakfast to go. Make it on a Sunday night and you’re done for the whole working week.

34 - fruit-pots-strawberry

34 - fruit-pots-mango

Fruit soups with granola dust

Another breakfast you can prepare the night before are these colorful fruit soups. The combos are at least inspiring and way out of my comfort zone, but if you like your breakfast spicy (with ginger or turmeric) then you’ll love these.





Smoothie pancakes

I make pancakes so often lately, I can make them with my eyes closed, especially these banana ones. The blueberries are an amazing addition. I also like that this recipe makes just enough for one person. No need to scale down or anything. Highly recommended. If you want to try one recipe from this cookbook, then thy this one.


The hidden blueberries…


Energy balls

Lastly, if you’re not into traditional breakfasts, you may want to try energy balls instead. Two energy balls and a coffee will keep you full and energized in the morning. Otherwise, these make great sweet snacks, if you can resist eating too many of them at a time.

Energy balls with date, cocoa and pumpkin seeds


Or with apricot, ginger and cashew

250 - apricot-ginger-cashew-energy-balls4

What your favorite breakfast these days? Honestly, I’ve been eating the same breakfast for the past two weeks, trahanas (a fermented mixture of grain and yoghurt or fermented milk that I use in the place of oats) with banana and milk.

My Sephora cream lip stain collection


Confession: I have an addiction with bright bold lipsticks. Most of the lipsticks I own are bright red or pinks or dark berries. I have the occasional nude lipstick, but most of the days I wear red or orange or purple, regardless of the time of the year. I just love me a bold lip. It was no surprise that I bought so many transfer-proof lip stains the past few years. They make the everyday bold lip easy and kiss-proof. Sold. Here’s my collection of 5 Sephora Cream Lip Stains and a Stila liquid lipstick. Unfortunately, I know so many other brands with beautiful colors, but I don’t have access to any of them in Europe. So these will do for now. Enjoy.



ps. I added some hand swatches. Maybe these will help you see the different colors. All of them dry matte and are very comfortable to wear all day long. Blackberry Sorbet applies best with a lip liner, otherwise it can look patchy. Hope this was helpful.


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