Christmas wishlist 2016

A bit late this year, I’ll keep up with this tradition and share some things I definitely don’t need, but would be nice to have this year. Just in case I know you in person and you don’t know what I’d actually like, coffee dates are at the top of the top of my list. And how sick are Strong tights?! They’re so on trend.

So, what did you ask for this Christmas?

* That’s actually what I bought for myself for Christmas. πŸ™‚

10 things that made me happy: 11β”‚2016

Christmas season just began in Trondheim and we’ve already started with Julebord and parties. The city looks so pretty in the dark with all the fairy lights and decorations. There has been some snow here and there and many rainy windy days. This fall I put my wellies in good use and I couldn’t be happier. It took me five winters to learn how to properly cope with the weather and I’m finally there. I’ve done a tiny bit of Christmas shopping already and also got myself a new, not that tiny, tattoo. Here’s what made it to my ten small things this month.

– Flip through this year’s Ikea catalogue

– Get my second (and last for now) tattoo


– Discover new podcasts that I really like (nothing beats Serial though)

– Find solutions to simple everyday problems (like that upper back pain)

– Sleeping in proper pyjamas

– The smell of strong male fragrances in the street

– Time spent alone (with or without a book)

– Have a proper shower routine and put on lotion all over afterwards

– Beat eggs with sugar

I really can’t wait for Christmas…

Cooking through Jamie: 10 dinners

You may think I quit my cooking through Jamie challenge, but no, I didn’t. I’m going on strong with almost a third of the recipes left. I’ve learned a ton through the process and I really enjoy taking photos of whatever I make (there are few fails as well below). However, I’m no longer posting as often as I used to on the blog. There are a ton of recipes I’ve made lately, so today, here are ten of them, good and bad.

Jamie’s camembert parcels

Before I stopped eating cheese, which is quite recently, camembert was one of my favorites. Add to that a nice wintery salad with pomegranate and apple and you can have my heart. It’s no surprise this recipe was a huge hit for me.


It’s nothing substantial to have for dinner, but it’s a nice easy and fast lunch.


Oh, and did I mention the berry sauce? So good!


Highly recommended!


Jamie’s moroccan mussels

Recipe #2 is all about seafood. I’m not a huge fan of mussels, unless I am in Brussels, where I have to order a big pot with french fries, no less.


I bought my favorite Danish bread as a side and served that with some homemade tomato paste.


And a salad.



All in all, it was a good recipe, but I don’t like cooking mussels at home. They make me so stressed for some reason.


Jamie’s lamb kofte

Moving on to lamb. Lamb is not a very big hit in my household. However, this lamb recipe is the exception.


The kofte was super delicious. I made a mistake to mix the pistachios with the meat instead of adding the on top, but that was a minor one. I love them anyway.


The other thing that was a big success was the couscous. It’s simpler than rice, since it doesn’t need cooking, just soaking and you’re ready to go.


As for the salad, it was a very simple one that resembles a Greek salad, but not quite. Perfect match.


All in all, this was easy, tasty and fast, as it should be. Will I make this again? Maybe. I’ll definitely try it with some other type of meat.


Jamie’s mighty mackerel

Jumping onto fish, I have a huge confession to make. This was the first and only time I’ve ever bought a whole fish. To make this recipe happen, I had to call my father and ask for very specific instructions on how to clean up and prepare the fish. My father knows surprisingly much about food prep for someone who doesn’t cook. It worked.


Mackerel is a very oily fish. It was served with quinoa, tomatoes and parsley.

jamie-mighty-mackerel1 Easy, simple, fast and healthy.

What’s not to love?


Jamie’s minestrone

So far so good, but what about a big failure?


Yuck, yuck, yuck. Where to start? Well, that minestrone… I just hated that thing with all my heart. The chicken with the sauce was alright. Kind of.


Let’s just say, this recipe was a disappointment.


Jamie’s jerk pork

Pork, nice sauce, interesting salad. You have my attention now.


This was one of the most delicious recipes I’ve tried from Jamie. Pork was perfect, the sauce was on point and these salad parcels were so cute.


That’s a recipe I want to go back to.



Jamie’s Koh Samui salad

Now let’s move onto something Asian (I think).


A salad with so many things inside should not be called a salad anymore. Seriously, there are 20 different ingredients in there, minus the shrimps that I forgot, because I am this lazy cook that chats on Facebook while cooking. Well, not all the time, just sometimes. OK, sue me!


All in all, I wasn’t really sold on this recipe. I guess tofu didn’t do anything good for it. It was just bland, which is such a bummer, because tofu can be delicious. Well, maybe if I hadn’t forgotten the shrimps, it would have turned out better, but I highly doubt it.


Jamie’s quick lamb tagine

Going back to lamb for a quick minute, this recipe is so good.


Couscous plus vegetables plus delicious meat. You have me at hello.


This was a very filling recipe, that I loved to take with me the next day at work. I’ll be making this again soon.


Jamie’s broccoli pasta

I found this beetroot pasta in the supermarket and thought they’d work great as a basis for Jamie’s broccoli pasta and they did.


Apart from the vibrant color, they were a nice interesting taste as well.



The salad was a typical one for me with arugula and avocado. Overall, this is a safe choice. There was no way this could have gone wrong.



Jamie’s grilled tuna

And tuna to finish off this collection of recipes.


I don’t like fresh tuna. It’s heavy and just not my cup of tea, but I thought I’d give it a try. I can’t say this recipe changed my mind. Tuna is expensive and just not worth it for me. What can I say, I like salmon so much more. The salad, though, was so tasty. Toasted bread and everything. That I’ll be making again!


There you go. Ten recipes from Jamie’s cookbook. Have you tried any of his recipes? Some are a bit hit in my house..

Favorites: Tattoos

Since I got my tattoo, I talked about it with so many people and I got so many different reactions. Some thought I was being childish, some were worried that it’ll ruin my life and some wanted one but were so worried that they won’t love it or that they’ll get bored with it. Well, I don’t have a sleeve tattoo or something that covers half my body and I don’t have it for that long, but there’s one thing I can tell you. You shouldn’t be worried about getting bored with it. What you should really be worried about is wanting the next one the moment you step out of the tattoo parlor. Tattoos are addictive.

I’ve been wanting a second tattoo since maybe even before I got the first one. While I’m not ready to share what I have on my mind, here’s what on my tattoo inspiration moodboard.


If I wasn’t too coward, I’d actually get a colourful sleeve with flowers and birds, like this.


Or this.



It’s not a very timely post, as it’s -6 today in Trondheim and I can’t go around in a t-shirt or eat ice-cream (Norwegians do however no matter the weather), but I thought I’d share few photos from a place I visited back in May in Portugal. If you ever visit Porto, reserve half a day for Guimaraes. This place is beautiful. There is an old castle which you can visit for free and have wonderful views over the city. The centre of the town is full of all houses and squares. If the day is warm enough, why not enjoy an ice cream. Can you tell I was happy that day?
















10 things that made me happy: 10β”‚2016



In October, I managed to sneak in a quick trip to Athens and it was the BEST DECISION EVER. There were some much needed sun-filled days spent with good friends, a bit of alcohol and the best sushi in the city (we’re talking Tokyo-level quality here). In other news, this has been a month of minimalism. I’ve been eating through my pantry, so that my stash doesn’t go bad and it’s been such a creative process. Now I’m left with only very few things that I have to eat up in November and after that I’ll be able to start fresh. I don’t plan to accumulate that much food again and it feels so good to just haveΒ what I want to eat. I also cleaned up my closet, did a bit of spendy shopping and now I’m at a very happy place with the clothes I own. Lastly, I’m working my way through my beauty stash, using up things before I buy anything new. I’ll be on a self imposed no-buy at least until I use up most of the things in my collection. Here’s what made me happy this month…

– Drink spritz in the sun

– Colder weather that requires some layering

– Eat at Sushimou and get drinks (well spritz again at By the glass)

– A dog watching a dog watching the ducks swimming in the river

– Spontaneous walks with my best friend in Athens

– Spicy sweet potato fries (my current favourite comfort food)

– Detailed work timetables

– The soundtrack of Amelie (the best music to study with, even after all these years)

Cashmere sweaters and leather jackets

– How chocolate can fix a bad day

I hope November is just as good. It’s already getting dark so early and the weather forecast predicts some subzero temperatures for later this week. I can’t wait for some snow and to read the stack of books that I keep on my side table while drinking hot chocolate. How was your month?

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