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Minimalism Challenge Day 1:
Stay offline for one day

I’m an Internet addict and Day 1 was HARD for me. I need Internet to survive my everyday, or at least I think I need. Google know the answers to all my questions. Facebook is how I keep in touch. YouTube is entertainment. But all of it can be overwhelming. After the initial shock, being […]

10 things that made me happy: 06│2016
+ July blog plan :)

June was a surprisingly uplifting month. This month I became 28, celebrated my 4th anniversary of moving to Trondheim (video below), the weather (with very few exceptions) was great and I got to do many little happy things. It was also a productive month. I finished a lot of work (still have quite a lot […]

28 today

And my 4-year anniversary of moving to Norway tomorrow. May the force be with us. RELATED POSTS 32 runs of this summer Our Christmas shrub A Friday list Oh boy! It’s been 5 years!

10 things that made me happy: 05│2016

May was a month of traveling. I am still tired of all these flights and living on a carry on for a week, but I’m so happy I got to experience that. In fact, it was exactly what I needed. Ready to be super productive again. How was your month? And what about my happy […]

Blogging series: My top 10 writing prompts

To close down this year’s blogging series, I want to share my favourite post ideas, the ones I use again and again. It’s nothing too revolutionary, just a list to get you through the dreaded writer’s block. I hope you find it useful.   Summer/Fall/Winter/Autumn list Night/Morning Routine A photo an hour A day in […]

Blogging series: My favorite Photoshop actions and tools

Through the years I’ve had different routines for editing my photos. I’ve always used Photoshop, but the filters I have changed with time. My latest editing routine goes as followed. Here’s my original photo. These are my usual editing steps in Photoshop: Open the photo in Photoshop. If there’s a stain or a line or […]

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