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New Year’s Resolutions 2014

Last year’s resolutions were challenging for me. I did extremely good with working out and eating healthier and as a result I am now 10 kg lighter than last year and slimmer than ever. I’m not as relaxed as I would like, maybe I’m even more stressed than I was, so I need to work […]

Merry Christmas

via I’m spending this day with my family in front of the fireplace with lots of food. I hope you’re also spending Christmas with people you love. Merry christmas and best wishes! RELATED POSTS Merry Christmas Merry Christmas Christmas special Christmas

A cooking update

I can separate my cooking life into two periods: before and after I came to Norway. Before there was basically no cooking life for me. I was cooking for fun, maybe a dessert every other week. When I moved I was forced to cook. And I did! For the first 6 months of 2013 I […]

Weekend in November

This weekend was the most relaxing and cozy weekend of the last two months. It involved sleeping in until noon, going for a long walk in the city on Saturday afternoon, eating delicious Greek food, enjoying my first Starbucks coffee in Norway (We have Starbucks! Yay!!) and cooking for my friends. Oh and there was […]

The 5K story

Remember when I said that I would run a 5K in September? Well, I did and I didn’t! I didn’t run the race I was planning to run. I decided against it, mainly because I don’t like that a race should be so expensive (Really?? More that 50 euros for a 5K?) and secondarily because […]

An award

To me? Oh, thank you Style n’ Critics! Applause and here we go… Favorite food: Homemade pizza. I don’t like when people are: Doom and gloom. I like to hang out with people who are: Optimistic and who always look on the bright side of life. What calms me down is: Yoga, running and a […]

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