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Sometimes you have to let go

..of things that never existed. As I cleaned up once again my wishlist, I found a link (that The Boyfriend sent me a long long time ago). It was about Microsoft Courier, a Microsoft product that never got to life. Cool, right?   RELATED POSTS Living in a new country: Movies Some days are just […]

My cute blog

I don’t have an i-pad and I’m not going to buy one soon, but the way my blog looks on it makes me wish I had one. I-pad makes everything look cuter. Waaay cuter.. On a second thought, if anyone asks I would be thrilled to get it as a gift. Just sayin’. RELATED POSTS […]


Some days ago someone wrote this note on a wall in my neighborhood and it made me wonder about the things that I am sorry for. That would be a nice way of apologizing. Are there any things that you’re sorry for? RELATED POSTS Work breakfast, work lunch Some days are just plain bad Wishlist […]


Some days ago I was cleaning my bookmarks and I came across with the Wishlist folder where I keep some links that caught my eye for whatever reason. Truth be told, it was the first time that I ever cleaned it so you bet that there were some pretty old stuff in there. While I […]

What I got

In my family we don’t exchange gifts in Christmas or New Years. Since my and my fathers’ name-day is January 7th (We are Joanna and John. Talking about inspiration here!) I get my presents then. This was what I got this year.. Sources: Hoodie GAP, Scarf Zara, Scarf Accessorize, Flash Transend I had an eye […]

Lets get it started in here!

Fresh start, new blog! Actually, this is my first blog. I will be blogging about house related stuff. So lets get it started in here! Joanna RELATED POSTS Blogging series: Where do you blog from? Blogging series: Future plans Blogging series: What keeps me motivated Blogging series: My writing routine

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