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Are you happy with your body?

This is not a before and after kind of post, as I don’t feel comfortable sharing these kind of photos on the Internet, but I want to talk a bit about my experience with losing weight and adopting a healthy lifestyle, how my body image changed along the way and how others react to the […]

A run for girls

..of all ages, or, better yet, a run for me. It all started with my stupid birthday wishlist. This year I don’t need anything, so I’d rather get an experience instead of a mixer or an iPhone. I was contemplating running on a race for quite a while now and all I needed was just […]

Running update: Oh, the winter!

New shoes in, old shoes retired. Spring is almost here in Trondheim and I am wishing for a fresh running start with new paths and uphill trails. This winter I had my first running crisis. My knees began to hurt when running on the treadmill and my desire to run went down as I was […]

The 5K story

Remember when I said that I would run a 5K in September? Well, I did and I didn’t! I didn’t run the race I was planning to run. I decided against it, mainly because I don’t like that a race should be so expensive (Really?? More that 50 euros for a 5K?) and secondarily because […]

I will run a 5K

When I left Greece, a year ago, I was determined to lose my excess weight and never gain it back and I had a plan. It involved eating healthy and exercising regularly. I hear it’s a very common plan these days… View from my favorite running route I won’t talk about eating healthy today, since […]

My first running race

Last Saturday I was in Oslo and I ran my first race, a relay. This race, called Holmenkollstafetten, is a famous one in Norway and there were more than 30000 people running. My own run was in the beginning of the race and when it was over I went to the finish line with some […]

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