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Study at the cafe

For me a café is the best place to study, blog etc. I could choose a different place everyday and always feel inspired, but I don’t do it that often. Maybe today.. She seems to enjoy it though! ps. Photo taken at Mormors stue in Trondheim, where you can find a coffee cake buffet every […]


Happy holidays! ps. Inspired by* Kate Spade. * I’m not a graphic designer. Please don’t judge! RELATED POSTS Birthday Wish List 2012 Christmas in Greece Christmas gifts: 2014 edition 10 things that make me happy: 11│14

Baby, don’t let me be misunderstood

This was not supposed to be a post on this blog. Hell, this was meant to be a house blog, but I haven’t put up a post in a month and I want to make a comeback, so consider this as an intro to the next post. Anyway, somebody suggested I should listen to Beatles […]

Freshly Pressed

Today, my post about my first impressions from Trondheim got Freshly Pressed. And this brought lots of new people to my blog. So, if you’re new here, you’re welcome and I hope you enjoy my blog! ps. I can’t get this song off my mind. Nice song for my happy dance, because I’m totally doing […]

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