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A cooking update

I can separate my cooking life into two periods: before and after I came to Norway. Before there was basically no cooking life for me. I was cooking for fun, maybe a dessert every other week. When I moved I was forced to cook. And I did! For the first 6 months of 2013 I […]

In my kitchen: Walnut Cookies

When my parents visited me in Trondheim last September, they brought many goodies, like some bags of almonds and walnuts and 5 liters of Greek olive oil. As I am cleaning up the kitchen for the summer (early is good in that case) I decided to eat up everything I have left. That’s how I […]

In my kitchen: The broccoli soup

Lately, I don’t feel like eating meat. It just doesn’t taste like home. I’ve tried all different markets, fresh, frozen, you name it, but it just tastes weird, so I’m always on the look for healthy recipes without meat. So when I read this recipe at A cup of Jo I was sure I would […]

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