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Hello Munich

Yesterday I flew to Munich and it’s been warm, hot, can’t-stand-the-heat! It’s a shock when you come from Trondheim’s 5 degrees, but I like it! I dressed up and had the best croissant for breakfast today. So fancy! Have a nice Monday… ps. Instagram is a blogger’s best friend! RELATED POSTS Munich looking up Munich […]

Caffe Mocha

A couple of weeks ago, I tried this delicious thing. I don’t know why I hadn’t tried it earlier, but I was missing. A lot. Now I’m dying to try this recipe. It will be great for snowy winter weekends at home… RELATED POSTS It’s fall In my kitchen: Mi-cuit au chocolat Here comes the […]

Work breakfast, work lunch

When Tea Time wrote about her little stock of sweets, I got to think about my work eating habits. Since I eat both breakfast (which these days is a piece of cake with some milk or coffee or tea) and lunch at work, I should have a food stock. The question is what should I […]


Mmmm, how I wish I had some of these today… Do you know how I can make them? I don’t have a clue what to search for, since I don’t know what their name is. They seem perfect for this rainy Sunday afternoon with a cup of tea, right? RELATED POSTS Tea and sweets The […]

In my kitchen: Meringue and strawberries

This year I decided to make my own birthday cake instead of buying one. So we had a family meeting (yes, deciding on birthday cake qualifies for family meeting subject!) and agreed that Pavlova, a light meringue dessert, was the way to go. Pavlova might be the easier dessert ever. See how fast we made it! […]

A photo a day

Summer means shear floral fabrics,… || light pasta salad… || and easy snacks! || On my nightstand: books, earplugs and hand cream. || Kitchen organization || Reading Norwegian newspaper || The bike ps. Busy week means home photos… RELATED POSTS A photo a day A photo a day A photo a day A photo a […]

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