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10 things that make me happy: 10│15

October was a nice month. Fall blew up in Trondheim and I found a routine that makes me very happy. I decided to take a break my shopping addiction for a while which means no shopping for me for the second half October and November. I think I’ll do some shopping before Christmas, but it […]

On homemade cosmetics

For the past few months I’ve been trying to streamline my beauty routine. However, I keep accumulating more creams and waters and masks and things that I don’t actually need or can afford to spend my money on. At some point I decided to use up whatever I had and start using homemade cosmetics for […]

10 things that make me happy: 09│15

At the beginning of September I became really stressed with work. I was mentally prepared for it, but still it was a big change. On top of that, I decided to become a morning person and as always I chose to do it the wrong way, cold turkey (here’s the right way if you care […]

10 things that make me happy: 08│15

August was my vacation month. I made the most of my time and went to Serifos, Andros, Evia, Kalamata and Athens. Now I am back to Trondheim, trying to get back to reality. I’m starting the new academic year with the plan to wake up early in the morning and go to bed early in […]

Things 26 taught me

Photos from the beginning and the end of my vacations in Greece 1: Be patient with people. Have you experienced when someone is mean to you for no obvious reason? It crossed my mind one day, that maybe it’s not because of me. I didn’t cause their behavior. In most cases, these people are just […]

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